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A smart and easy-to-use software enables your agents to rapidly handle calls, data entry and ordering.

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Why choose LeadDesk as your outbound sales software?

LeadDesk is fast. Lightning fast. All you need is a browser and an internet connection to start making calls and sales – for B2C and B2B customers alike. On top of that, LeadDesk is packed with features that help individual agents focus on making more sales as well as team-leaders stay on top of what is happening.

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Multi-mode dialer

An intuitive system that increases your chance of calling to the right person. Choose between different dialer modes such as Progressive, Preview, Power, Predictive, Account and Click-to-Call.

Automated Lead Handling

Build straightforward workflows for increasing your sales performance.

Powerful monitoring and reporting

Stay on top of your business with call monitoring, live dashboards and compelling reporting tools.


Add or remove seats and features as needed, LeadDesk scales from entrepreneurs to massive call centers.


A secure, global server infrastructure removes downtimes.

Case study
Media Telemarketing

A well-functioning contact center software is crucial in Media Telemarketing’s line of business: the software is used throughout the outbound sales process. Good reporting capabilities also play an important role. With LeadDesk Media Telemarketing can easily track KPIs, monitor performance, and improve efficiency.

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Looking for an inbound sales or customer service solution?

On top of outbound sales, LeadDesk shines in handling multi-channel inbound and customer service.

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