LeadDesk call center solution vs. a CRM system

Why store your customers in a database if you can't contact them at the right time, every time?

Outbound Sales – Contact customers easily

Quality CRMs are essential to effective sales operations. However, their strength is in managing sales operations, not customer interaction. Make the most of your customer conversations with a powerful call center software, like LeadDesk.

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Dialer, interaction management and technology in one place

Dialer modes, interaction management and VoIP are native to LeadDesk. You get features you need for a successful sales operation in one software, without third-party integrations or multiple software accounts:

Interaction orchestration: Analyse interaction data from all channels, set touch points for actions and create campaigns.

Coaching: Support your agent’s development with tools like role play, listening and whispering.

Performance management: Set expectations, monitor performance and reward your agents.

Versatile dialer modes for every campaign

With CRMs: Often an add-on click-to-call dialer, not suited for high-volume calling. Agents waste time dialing and waiting for contacts to answer. For some campaigns, this might work, but don’t be forced to use the wrong dialer for your campaign needs.

With LeadDesk: Choose a dialer mode that helps your agents spend more time selling. For example, an AI-based predictive dialer optimises the dialing process.

Or if you tailor conversations for every customer, a preview dialer is the perfect choice.

LeadDesk has a suitable dialer option for all situations and sales campaigns.

Quality reports optimise sales operations

Actionable reports help you drive sales. To reach your potential, your reporting tools should be optimised for outbound sales campaigns.

With CRMs: Good for lead management, customer status and revenue. Lacks detailed information to analyse sales interaction performance in different campaigns.

With LeadDesk: Metrics you can use to analyse and optimise your sales interactions. Monitor your KPIs for each campaign, team and agent individually.

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LeadDesk VS alternative solutions - the guide

Learn how LeadDesk can replace CRM systems for better effectiveness.

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Customer service – Manage every channel

A customer service operation based on agents typing information from answered customer calls or emails into a CRM is inefficient and detrimental to customer satisfaction. Here are several reasons why you should use a contact center software like LeadDesk.

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Omnichannel helps you serve customers everywhere

Customers are no longer content with waiting on hold. They expect to reach you in the channels they use in their everyday life.

With CRMs: Usually provide limited possibilities connect with your customers in the right channel.

With LeadDesk: A customer service solution that includes all the necessary channels to build a successful customer service operation.

Reports that help improve your operations

Reporting is essential to improve your customer service operation. To reach your full potential, you need reporting tools designed for customer service.

With CRMs: Focused on reporting customer journeys or lifecycle stages, and often lacks post-sales features.

With LeadDesk: Detailed information about your agents’ customer service performance. Monitor KPIs for each agent, team, queue and channel independently.

Improve customer satisfaction with personalised service

Customers don’t just want issues solved, they also appreciate flexibility and an approach based on human connection.

With CRMs: Reliant on order histories, returns, and unconnected tickets.

With LeadDesk: Focused on optimising customer service conversations.

Assign queues to ensure customers always interact with the right agent to help them. Customers get better service, and you create more opportunities for upselling and increasing customer satisfaction.

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Get the best of both worlds

LeadDesk integrates easily into most CRMs. This way you get real-time visibility of the sales funnel, while having access to accurate interaction data. Integrating your CRM with a call center software is beneficial for both inbound and outbound teams. Learn more about LeadDesk's integrations.

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