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Power Dialer: Define Your Call-to-Agent Ratio

Power Dialer software helps your agents contact customers efficiently and smoothly.

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What is a Power Dialer?

A Power Dialer is an automatic dialer mode that lets your agents concentrate on what they do best – sell. Power Dialer software automatically makes a defined number of calls on a contact list and assigns them to your agents when they become free.

With a Power Dialer, you can define the calls-to-agent ratio and adjust the amount of numbers that are dialed simultaneously. This reduces the time agents spend waiting for contacts to pick up.

If you have 10 agents, a Power Dialer might, for example, keep 12 lines open all the time so that your agents are likely to have a new customer waiting for them just when they finish their last call.

What are the benefits of using a Power Dialer software?

The flexibility of a power dialer creates a sweet spot between agent efficiency and customer satisfaction. For agents, the dialling speed is flexible, and they can work at a speed that suits the ongoing campaign. Customers do not receive ghost calls, as long as the call-to-agent ratio is balanced well. Eliminating manual dialling and unnecessary dialling time significantly improves agent efficiency. Having the agent ready to take a new call when the previous one ends minimises idle time.

Who benefits from using a Power Dialer?

Power Dialers are best for small or medium-sized outbound sales teams of up to 15 agents.

You should use a Power Dialer when you have medium or high-quality contact lists, such as existing customers, where contacts are likely to answer your agents’ calls. It’s also good for longer calls, i.e. calls that take over two minutes.

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LeadDesk's dialers stand out because they operate on our own, ultra-strong call infrastructure Contact Center as a Service platform. You get high-quality audio and 99.95% uptime. Plus, all your data is in one location for easy reporting no matter which dialer mode you use.

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LeadDesk’s cloud-based Power Dialer software allows your agents to make more calls in less time. It optimises your operation by decreasing agent idle time. Agents can focus on making sales instead of going through long contact lists and constantly thinking about call order.

How does a Power Dialer differ from other Automatic Dialer modes?

A Power Dialer is similar to other automatic dialer modes such as Progressive and Predictive Dialers. There are, however, major differences that can affect your operation.

Progressive Dialer vs. Power Dialer

Progressive Dialers are a good choice for existing customers or medium to high-quality contacts, as they improve efficiency without sacrificing customer satisfaction. It waits until the agent has finished with the previous call before automatically dialling the next number. This way you get decent agent productivity without the risk of the customer picking up with no agent free.

Many companies advertise Power Dialers. What they are usually offering is really a Progressive Dialer. While both dialer modes are automatic, a Power Dialer should always have more lines open than there are agents. Having more lines open creates the extra efficiency.

Predictive Dialer vs. Power Dialer

A Predictive Dialer is the go-to solution when you have a large number of agents and a long list of low-quality contacts. A Predictive Dialer uses an AI-powered algorithm to maximise the number of active calls.

It optimises agent efficiency aggressively by calling a large number of contacts with little guarantee that there are enough agents to serve them. A Predictive Dialer has a higher risk of abandoned calls and low customer satisfaction.

5 tips to make the most of a Power Dialer

Integrate with CRM to reach the right contacts

A good way to ensure that you’re targeting the right people with your Power Dialer campaign is to use a contact center software that allows you to import contact lists and data straight from your CRM.

Use analytics to validate your choices

Continuous analysis ensures that you have picked the right dialer mode for your campaign. If agent performance, campaign activity and sales reports indicate that results aren’t up to the standard you expected, maybe another dialer mode could do the trick.

Find the right calls-to-agent ratio

The Power Dialer strength is that it provides a decent customer experience compared to a Predictive Dialer. To achieve this, you need a perfect balance in the calls-to-agent ratio. This way you can significantly improve efficiency without sacrificing customer satisfaction. Your agents will also be happy making sales instead of waiting idle.

Scale according to your needs

When looking for a Contact Center solution with a Power Dialer option, look into how flexible it is to manage your campaigns. It means that if your campaign is successful, you can add more agents at any time.

Cold calling made easy

Power Dialers are perfect for going through long lists of contacts. Cold calling is still a valid tool for creating a genuine relationship with customers. As long as you have at least medium-quality contact lists at your disposal, you can drive more sales with personal cold calls than with emails.


Power Dialer FAQ

How do I set up Power Dialer in LeadDesk?

Power Dialer is a standard feature in LeadDesk for Outbound Sales, and you can use it immediately. Setting up LeadDesk takes minutes, request your free trial now.

Does Power Dialer require extensive agent training?

No. Power Dialer is an easy-to-use dialer mode that doesn’t require specific agent training.

Team Leads who manage campaigns would need to familiarise themselves with the admin side of the Power Dialer, where you can easily adjust call-to-agent ratio and measure progress with analytics. Learning how to manage Power Dialer campaigns in LeadDesk usually takes less than five minutes.

I operate a small contact center. Should I use Power Dialer?

Yes, you should. Power Dialer is especially effective for small or medium teams, which makes it a perfect solution for you.

There are so many dialer modes. How do I know which one to use?

Knowing the right dialer mode for your campaign can be daunting. You can learn the basics about dialer modes, and a comparison of their strengths and challenges in our Total Guide to Contact Center Dialer Modes.

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