Workforce Management Solution

Balance flexibility and stability with a powerful Workforce Management Solution

Build a high-functioning customer service team with a workforce management solution that minimises the hassle around work schedule planning and management.

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Workforce Management Solution that everyone actually enjoys using

Make life easier for yourself and your agents. Start organising the schedules of your customer service team with an effective, easy-to-use workforce management software that runs in the cloud and enables self-service.

Top features

Cloud solution

Easily scaleable and available anywhere


Less hassle as team-leaders and agents log the information in one system


Powerful reporting tools for better decision-making


Save time on admin work

Creating work schedules and managing the shifts of your agents is an important part of running a customer service team. However, processing all the scheduling changes can be a huge time-suck. Our workforce management solution is fast and easy to use: for contact center team-leaders and agents alike. Planning work shifts and creating work schedules even with dozens of agents takes just minutes.

Easy to use

Improve employee experience

Not only is the system easy-to-use for admins, agents can also themselves report available or change even their shifts โ€“ no back-and-forth communication or hassle required. They have better control of their work schedules, which helps improve employee satisfaction and reduce churn.

Data driven

The right number of agents in any situation

Lead your team with data to avoid idle hours and understaffing. SLA's are easy to define in the system and most of your work is done pre-emptively based on historic data such as performance and workload curves. If any changes are required, real-time data enables to detect anomalies and stay on top of your SLA's by changing things around.

Years of experience

Smooth deployment and excellent customer service

Our years of experience in workforce management software in the contact center environment guarantee a fast and frictionless deployment. We'll help customise the software to your organisation and help onboard the entire team. Our highly rated customer support team is ready to help with any issues.

Powered by Calabrio

Our workforce management solution is powered by Calabrio's software to provide market-leading capabilities and best-of-class experience to modern contact centers.

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A better solution for planning and managing the work of your customer service team

Contact us and we'll demonstrate how our workforce management solution can help you improve your operations and ensures that your contact center is always optimally staffed.

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