Take the guesswork out of Workforce Management

Quickly build work schedules, approve change requests, and use both historical and real-time data to effectively balance your customer service team with LeadDesk's Workforce Management Solution.

"After we used LeadDesk, we have gained very good insight into traffic, customer behaviour and very good control of workforce management."

Simple scheduling for admins, even simpler for agents

Plan team schedules in minutes

Stop wasting time when planning work shifts and schedules. LeadDesk’s Workforce Management Solution makes managing your admin work easy and fast.

Agents help with schedule planning

Your agents can report their availability and request shift changes without tedious red tape. Increased influence on scheduling improves agent experience and reduces agent churn.

Simple Setup with Local Support

LeadDesk offers local support in eight EU countries, in the local language. We help you customise the Workforce Management Solution to your needs, and onboard your team.

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Predict Your Service Needs with Machine Learning

Avoid idle hours and understaffing

Define SLAs in LeadDesk’s Workforce Management Solution and it will predict your staffing needs based on historical data, including seasonal changes. Real-time data monitoring detects anomalies so you can stay on top of service level agreements.

Always deliver expert customer support

Make sure your most qualified agents are available with skills-based scheduling. Don’t make a customer wait for an answer from an expert “tomorrow”. Help them now, instead.

Powered by Calabrio

LeadDesk partners with Calabrio to offer you an industry-leading Workforce Management Solution tailored to modern contact center needs.

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