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Explore contact center industry with these top-picked research papers, e-books, guides and webinars. All materials are written by industry professionals with deep knowledge in outbound sales, customer support and business automation tools.

Customer service software buyers' guide.

Waste no more time trying to guess which customer service tool would make you serve customers better - here is your customer service software buyers' guide.

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Outbound sales software buyers' guide

With this guide, you can choose an outbound sales software that is a 100% fit for your organization.

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Everything you need to know about dialer modes

Learn the differences between contact center dialer modes and decide which dialer would work best for your organization.

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Chatbot use cases: 25 real-life examples

Build your perfect chatbot and amaze customers with these 25 chatbot tactics that work! Download the e-book for free.

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LeadDesk VS alternative solutions - the guide

Spreadsheets, shared inboxes, ticketing systems and CRM’s – learn how LeadDesk software compares to them?

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LeadDesk's five success stories

Learn how LeadDesk helped five different companies to make their operations more cost-effective and transparent.

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Cyber security for contact centers explained

This guide is designed to help you and your team evaluate the cyber security readiness of cloud contact center software.

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European Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) market in 2021

Find out the perspectives of the market and what innovations to expect from CCaaS vendors in the upcoming 5 years.

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Artificial Intelligence in Contact Centers: How to Use it (And Why)

Learn how to use AI in your contact center to serve customers faster, and still make them feel valued.

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Customer administration portal in a CCaaS solution

See why a high-functioning CCaaS solution needs a flexible, omnichannel customer administration portal.

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Partnership and ecosystems

See how partnerships and ecosystems can help you adopt a modern CCaaS system.

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