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From SMEs to multi-nationals

LeadDesk is used by customers ranging from one-man-shows to 500+ seat enterprises. Contact centers, sales teams and their agents in every industry sector are using LeadDesk for inside sales, customer service, telemarketing, telesales, appointment setting, research and debt collection.

We currently have customers in e.g. the UK, Germany, Poland, Spain, India, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, Malta, Finland, Estonia and Latvia and are continuously expanding to other markets.

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Customers across Europe in every sector

Major magazine publisher

We work with the leading magazine publisher in the Nordic and Baltic market area. Tele-sales activities are carried out by more than 500 agents. LeadDesk is used by various outsourced companies that run their telesales activities. The client, outsourcers and agents value LeadDesk’s light installation process. Our VoIP/GSM telephony options, intuitive ordering routines and easy multi-site data monitoring are also popular. For head office, LeadDesk makes managing different campaigns straightforward.

Global business information group

This blue-chip customer has operations in 17 countries across Europe. B2B telesales and inside sales operations are in several smaller units of 1-20 agents each. The customer’s products vary from business directory services to debt information and marketing services. The common denominator is that all campaigns have short sales cycles. The customer values being able to easily monitor multiple teams. The sales teams use a mix of lead data. LeadDesk Software keeps the agent experience consistent and highly efficient.

Small telesales and telemarketing company

A family-owned B2C telesales and telemarketing company, specializing in electricity contracts and mobile plans, and charity fund-raising. The firm grew from the founders and two part-time agents to twenty agents in under a year.

Appointment setting and sales consultation firm

A B2B meeting booking specialist. The company has 5-10 agents and enjoys LeadDesk’s flexibility and scalability. They use LeadDesk for their own appointment setting operations, and they have recommended LeadDesk to some of their consulting clients for more active and systematic customer outreach.