UniSport Improves Employee Efficiency With an Omnichannel Contact Center Software

UniSport, a Finnish wellness brand, streamlined their customer service efficiency and got better reporting by unifying all channels in LeadDesk’s omnichannel contact center software.

UniSport is a Finnish wellness brand with a mission to provide comprehensive well-being services and facilities to university students around the capital area. They have five sports centers across the Uusimaa area, catering to 27,000 customers and facilitate over a million visits annually. Their passion for serving their customers in the best possible way led them to exploring a more efficient contact center solution.

Need: Help Agents Answer Every Call With an Omnichannel Contact Center Software and Enable Managers to Track Performance Easily in a Single Solution

UniSport faced operational inefficiencies with their customer service operation. Their communication channels were in different systems and weren’t interconnected, making it difficult to provide an optimal customer experience, meaning many calls went unanswered, and tracking performance was also a significant challenge.

  • Lack of interconnectivity: UniSport’s communications channels were on different systems and did not communicate, causing inefficiencies.
  • Unanswered calls: A significant chunk of customer interactions went unattended.
  • Reporting issues: Detailed and efficient reporting was a challenging task.


UniSport wanted to serve their customers better by streamlining their operations with integrated and interconnected channels, and improve their response rate and reporting in doing so.

“The biggest challenge in customer service was the use of email, phone, and chatbot as they were in separate systems, making their use very cumbersome. These channels did not communicate with each other,” recalls Hanna Sarén, Customer Service Planner at UniSport.

Solution: Unified Communication Channels, Better Reporting, and More Efficiency With AI

Hanna Sarén, the Customer Service Planner at UniSport, discovered LeadDesk at a trade fair when looking into possible solutions to improve UniSport’s customer experience. LeadDesk offered a way to unify all communication channels into one system, making it easier to work with customer communications, and track performance. LeadDesk also offered artificial intelligence solutions developed specifically for busy contact center work.

  • Unified Communication Channels: LeadDesk for Customer Service is an omnichannel contact center solution, which prioritises seamless conversations with customers, no matter what channel they choose to communicate on.
  • Better Reporting Capabilities: With the data in one place, the LeadDesk software can quickly compile performance reports for all the contact center work that needs to be tracked so managers can make more informed decisions.
  • AI and Automation for Contact Centers: LeadDesk’s AI solutions are built for, and into, the contact center software, meaning that users can enjoy a seamless and easy experience with AI features like chatbots built specifically for customer service work within the software.


“UniSport wasn’t aware of how easy, agile, and modern the use and training of artificial intelligence can be. We initially wanted to copy our previous chatbot, but through our collaboration with LeadDesk, we realised the vast potential of combining chatbot and live chat capabilities” Hanna explains.

Why Did UniSport Choose LeadDesk?

UniSport considered various vendors, but ultimately decided to go with LeadDesk as their preferred contact center solution.

  • Clear Negotiations: LeadDesk were clear in how their solution could help solve UniSport’s issues.
  • Aligned Timelines: UniSport’s timeline expectations for the project were met by the LeadDesk team.
  • Simple to Learn Software: LeadDesk for Customer Service is intuitive and easy to learn, and the onboarding process is built efficiently to account for busy contact center work.


“When we compared to other providers, LeadDesk stood out as the most agile and straighforward provider” remembers Hanna Sarén, Customer Service Planner at UniSport.

Results: Customer Service Is More Efficient and Employees Can Take on New Roles

With LeadDesk for Customer Service, UniSport has seen significant improvements in their operations. Agents are able to do more, customer service has become more efficient, and it’s easier to track key customer service metrics.

  • Streamlined Customer Service: Calls, chats, and emails now come into one system and agents are able to serve customers on their preferred channel considerably more easily.
  • Simpler Reporting: It’s now simpler to track key metrics in customer service and make data-driven decisions to improve operations.
  • Expanded Employee Roles: Now face-to-face employees can take the role of agents and address customer concerns in more channels than only across the counter.
  • Remote Working Enabled: Thanks to LeadDesk’s flexible cloud contact center software, agents can work from anywhere with an internet connection, including their home office.


“The fact that everything happens in one system has streamlined customer service and handling of contacts. Efficiency has improved considerably,” emphasises Hanna.

What It’s Like to Work With LeadDesk

Hanna reflects on how the project went with LeadDesk and how they are as a solution partner: “Working with LeadDesk is easy, flexible, and straightforward. Agents and admins find the software intuitive and user-friendly. LeadDesk is continually updating and innovating, so we get a system which adapts to help us serve our customer needs as they change.”

About the Contributor

Hanna Sarén’s journey at UniSport started 10 years ago, and she has owned the role of Customer Service Planner since 2018.

Her responsibilities include planning customer service development, and tracking progress, operation, and deployment in UniSport’s customer service operations.

Hanna has worked closely with LeadDesk on streamlining UniSport’s customer service operations since Autumn 2022, when the collaboration began.