Islab Upgrades to an All-in-One Modern Contact Center Service Solution

Islab improves customer experience and employee satisfaction by switching to LeadDesk’s modern cloud-based contact center solution, which combines their services into one platform and provides better reporting.

Islab is one of Finland’s largest laboratory centres, serving public healthcare communities in Finland. They employ 600 professionals, and have around 70 service locations all over Eastern Finland. Islab provides high-quality and cost-effective laboratory services, ensuring that each diagnosis and treatment decision is backed up by sufficient and timely laboratory data.

The Need: A Modern Service Solution for Better Customer Experience

In 2021, Islab had already identified some critical needs for improvement in their service solution. For example, they intended to develop their telephone service so that customers could reach out for advice easily. With their current system, customers couldn’t reach out for service advice.

There were also other needs or challenges that made Islab want to find a new contact center service provider:

  • Outdated Service Provider: Islab was dissatisfied with their current service provider, and ready to move to a more modern solution.
  • Disjointed Systems: The switchboard service and the appointment service were in a different system, and using them was rigid and expensive.
  • Multichannel Service Needs: Fostering a more positive customer experience by bringing service availability to many communication channels.


“We’re committed to providing our customers with a positive experience. This means we needed to invest in a new solution that would allow us to serve our customers the best way possible” explains Satu Myller, Head of Service and Communications at Islab.

The Solution: A Modern All-In-One Contact Center Software Solution

Islab consulted and met with several providers, opening the project to a competitive tender process. LeadDesk won the tender as the service provider due to its versatility.

After the tendering process, Islab conducted a pilot phase with LeadDesk in order to map out what was needed and how to make the service as functional as possible for Islab’s needs. Following the successful pilot phase, Islab decided to take the implementation of a more efficient customer advisory service forward.

LeadDesk’s solution enables Islab’s staff to provide better customer experience:

  • Modern Cloud-Based Contact Center: Physical phones aren’t needed, only a computer and an internet connection are needed to start working.
  • Unified Systems: LeadDesk’s software includes appointment booking and telephony, so work can be all done in the same place easily.
  • Omnichannel: LeadDesk supports many channels, meaning that Islab can offer service to customers on more channels.


Satu emphasised the completeness of LeadDesk’s solution, “LeadDesk’s comprehensive package included joint development, customization, training, customer collaboration, and advanced reporting capabilities” giving Islab the ability to offer a better customer experience.

The Results: Unified Systems, Multiple Channels, Greater Employee Satisfaction, Better Reporting

Using LeadDesk brought benefits to Islab beyond the initial needs they looked for in the beginning of their search. They’ve been able to improve their service, raise employee satisfaction, and track performance more easily.

Improving Service with LeadDesk

Islab introduced their customer advisory service in the beginning of 2022, and then brought their appointment booking system into LeadDesk in May 2022. This made it easier to give more streamlined customer service from on platform.

Greater Employee Satisfaction

Easy to learn, simple to use. LeadDesk is a cloud-based contact center software, meaning that Islab’s employees can use it anywhere they have a computer and an internet connection. Physical phones are a thing of the past. Employees are able to work remotely, and they’ve reported satisfaction with the ease of use, compared to the previous solutions used.

“Being able to work remotely and easily implement remote working increases employee satisfaction in their jobs, and also increases satisfaction in Islab as their employer” explains Satu.

Better, More Centralised Reporting

Previously, hardly any performance indicators were monitored. “Before LeadDesk, we didn’t know how many inquiries came daily or monthly. Reporting was mainly through Excel,” highlights Satu.

Now, thanks to LeadDesk’s reporting capabilities, Islab are now able to monitor the number of calls they get, performance of the callback service, how actively callback and appointment calls are handled, and response rates.

This brings transparency, which helps Islab plan further improvements and developments to their service.

Future Plans: How Islab Intend to Improve Their Service With LeadDesk

Looking into the future, Islab plans to improve their customer experience further by implementing more LeadDesk features in their service.

  • More Channels: Exploring a true omnichannel approach by bringing email and live chat into their service.
  • AI Chatbots: Assisting Islab employees by answering common or repetitive questions automatically.


Reflecting on the overall experience of working with LeadDesk, Satu summarizes: “LeadDesk is a reliable system and service provider, and always there for support and collaboration. The platform is versatile and employee-friendly.”


About the Contributor

Satu Myller has an extensive 30 year experience in the social healthcare service industry (Sote), and is an expert in the customer communications and cooperation in the sector.

Satu has worked at Islab for almost three years, and worked extensively on improving Islab’s digitalisation development, part of which was the project of upgrading their customer communications services with LeadDesk.