New Leaddesk Application v 8.22 for Windows

The newest Flashplayer PPAPI is included in installer.

Does not work on Windows XP / Vista


LeadDesk Remote Support

Remote desktop tool for LeadDesk support.


LeadDesk Remote Listener 1.09

LeadDesk Remote Listener 1.09

Tool for remote listening agents. Please contact LeadDesk sales if you wan’t to use the tool and feature is not yet enabled for you.

LeadDesk application versions 5.20 and 5.30 are working incorrectly with Remote Listener so connecting to those client versions is prevented.



Huawei Modem Drivers | Huawei Support Tools

Huawei 3g modem drivers.


Huawei Support Tools



If instructed by our support, please download the VoIP-troubleshooter to aid in network connection troubleshooting


Browser Plugins

Firefox Plugin (ll)

Special edition of Firefox Browser Extension




Chrome Plugin 1.21

previous versions

Newest release






Older release

Release history

Latest release

LeadDesk 8.21

Fixed bugs with initialization and debugging for occasional errors during startup.


LeadDesk 8.20

  • Warning added to warn agent when the call recording cannot be saved due to the computer out of available disk space
  • Bug fixes during specific scenarios in installation process
  • Updated error logging


LeadDesk 8.11

  • Support for custom protocols
  • Fixed minor bug with prioritising audio devices
  • Receive a warning message, if there is an error when uploading an call recording


LeadDesk 8.01

Updated SSL certificate. DOWNLOAD

LeadDesk 8.00

Update Chromium to latest version. Allow App login servers to be selected by a registry key. Note! Expired SSL certificate. DOWNLOAD

LeadDesk 7.10

Fixed error: Application crashes randomly when order recording is ongoing and the call is ended. DOWNLOAD

LeadDesk 7.00

  • Audio recording server can be assigned runtime
  • Fixed: Popup on incoming call does not always work
  • Fixed: Unknown number every now and then in inbound calls when using usb dongle

LeadDesk 6.90

  • Added audio library XE4 Support
  • Possibility to install LeadDesk without TeamViewer

LeadDesk 6.80

  • Possibility to send DTMF codes to the secondary call when making assisted call transfer.
  • Fixed Issue: Automatic handling for unfinished recordings.

LeadDesk 6.70

Fixed error: SMS sending via 3G modem doesn’t work

LeadDesk 6.60

  • Updated web engine.
  • Fixed issue: LeadDesk does not allow custom sized browser popups.
  • Fixed issue: Improved behaviour when recording devices are not found.
  • Fixed issue: In some rare cases output and input audio volume is initialized by wrong audio device volume instead of actually selected audio device.
  • Fixed issue: Ringback tone was not always played when using VoIP.

LeadDesk 6.50 RC

  • Updated IAX engine.
  • Improved audio processing when call is started which reduces latency problems in certain situations.
  • Fixed error: Access violation if call is made via external call protocols (cmpro, callto, tel or skype).
  • Fixed several random crashes during application exit.

LeadDesk 6.40

  • Updated IAX engine.
  • Local log file writing.
  • IAX ping feature enabled as default (takes effect only in fresh install).
  • Possibility to select calling type during installation.
  • Fixed error: Audio device was not really changed from application audio settings.
  • General stability improvements and error fixes.

LeadDesk 6.30

  • Updated SIP engine.
  • Audio, VoIP and GSM settings are opened to separate settings windows if the LeadDesk windows is too narrow for ribbon menu.
  • Application detects if the used VoIP account uses unsupported VoIP protocol.
  • Improved application behaviour when 3g modem returns error (Should not disconnect GSM network so easily).
  • Fixed rare errors that can cause access violations when application is closed.

LeadDesk 6.20 RC

  • Support for callto, tel and skype protocols.
  • Improvements to audio handling and recording.

LeadDesk 6.10 RC

  • Support for SIP User Agent.
  • Opening LeadDesk Remote Support tool with shortcut key F10.
  • PUK-code query (3g modem only).
  • Support for recording only agent voice.
  • Fixed error: “This program might not have installed correctly” message is not shown anymore when LeadDesk Setup is closed first time.
  • Fixed error: Zoom in/out works now correctly.