Real-Time Coaching for better Agent Experience

Everything you need to lead, coach, and manage your team. LeadDesk Stagelight uses live data to give you insights to improve agent and customer experience.

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Real-Time Coaching with LeadDesk Stagelight

Track Agent and Campaign Performance

Up-to-date data lets you know what’s happening in the field anytime.

Track KPIs with a Customisable Dashboard

Choose your most important KPIs and follow them live.

Improve Agent Experience

Be there for your agents and coach them when they need you.

Works on Mobile

Keep track of your metrics wherever you are.

“Our agents have been very satisfied with LeadDesk. It’s easy to learn, use and customize, which significantly improves the efficiency of our operation.”

LeadDesk Stagelight: A dashboard for all your most important metrics.

Your Campaign Statistics at a Glance

Numbers remaining, Deals, Hit rate, Deals per hour, Drop rate, Connection rate, Connected per hour. Be informed up to the second.

See How Your Agents are Performing

Call results, Efficiency, and Calls. Get live data on all your agents or just your working agents. See who’s doing well and who needs help immediately.

Pinpoint and Compare Agent Performance

Compare single agent statistics against team and campaign averages. Or compare agents head-to-head. Get quick insights with a hit rate/tempo matrix.

Make reports actually actionable with real-time dashboards.

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