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Your revolutionary tool for outbound sales and customer service in the Financial and Banking sector.

The Largest Banks and Financial Organizations in Northern Europe Trust LeadDesk

LeadDesk for Customer Service
Make every customer touchpoint contribute to brand loyalty

With a truly omnichannel tool for calls, SMS’s, emails and instant messages that collects all customer’s communication history in one view, LeadDesk helps you make every customer happy. Always.

Augment Your Customer Service
LeadDesk for Outbound Sales
Quadruple the volume of your outbound calls

In outbound calling, every minute saved equals a new business opportunity. Keep your agents talking with customers more while LeadDesk software takes care of all the "boring" stuff. 

Boost Your Outbound Sales

Increase Contact Center Capacity Your Way

Close more deals and make every customer loyal - we'll help you achieve both.

Build client loyalty

Your customers get the service they deserve while your employees get to concentrate on their core work - isn't it the best way to grow sustainable business?

Save time and money

No more jumping from one application to another or manually calling your customer base! LeadDesk removes any distractions at work.

Be calm in crisis

With smart call routing, service prioritization, advanced reporting and our experts always ready to help you can stay calm in any situation.

Grow business revenue

Our outbound sales platform and dialer modes enable your agents to go from 40 calls per day to 120 calls per day.

Case Studies: LeadDesk in Financial and Banking Sector

Many years of collaboration that has led to exceptional results

Sparebanken Vest is the third largest savings bank, and the second oldest bank in Norway. With the help of LeadDesk, they manage to serve all their customers in a timely manner, deliver efficient and profitable customer center operations. Read how they benefit from LeadDesk's flexibility, workforce management and reporting tools.

Making tens thousands of outbound calls every month with LeadDesk

Learn how Intrum, a credit management organization from Finalnd, quadrupled their monthly outbound call volumes after introducing LeadDesk dialer modes to their team. The outbound team is now very competitive and relies on LeadDesk’s live monitoring, automated daily reports, dialers flexibility and high-class security needed for the financial organization.

The recipe that led to victory for SpareBank 1 SR-Bank

SpareBank 1 SR-Bank is a large Norwegian bank with more than 300,000 customers. After implementing LeadDesk as their contact center and workforce management solution, they have managed to reduce their response time by as much as 50 seconds. Read how they won the KSindeks award 2019 for Best customer service in the Banking industry thanks to LeadDesk.

An automation solution, specially tailored for Financial and Banking sectors

Due to high competition and new market trends in the Financial sector, there’s no room for manual processes anymore. To keep growing, banks and credit organizations need to think of technology-based resolutions to banking industry challenges.

LeadDesk helps you set up a contact center that automates customer communication on all channels and makes every customer touchpoint seamless and pleasant. Which results in more closed deals than ever before.

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Easy to use

With an intuitive interface, your agents will see the value from day one.


We provide cloud and on-premise services with strict security features to adhere to local legislation.

Fully customizable

Create a highly efficient workspace thanks to a fully customizable interface.

Integration capabilities

With a well-documented open API you can integrate LeadDesk software into virtually any system you use.

"After we used LeadDesk, we have gained very good insight into traffic, customer behavior and very good control of workforce management. "

Anita Østerbø, Director of Direktebank Sparebanken Vest

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FAQ: LeadDesk for Financial and Banking

What can I use LeadDesk software for?

Companies from the Financial sector use LeadDesk contact center software for omnichannel customer support and outbound sales.

You can start by using LeadDesk for some of your business needs and then expand to other areas of customer communication.

What channels do you support?

We are a truly omnichannel solution that supports calling, e-mails, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and a webchat.

Switching between channels is effortless, and all customer communication history is collected in one view.

Read more about supported channels.

What about privacy, security, and GDPR compliance?

LeadDesk is independently audited and certified for the highest standards of data security controls in contact center services (SOC 2, ISO 27001).

All data is stored in the EU, according to the GDPR requirements and safety standards.

What is your pricing model?

We have different pricing tiers depending on your needs and use cases for the software.

The best way to know what LeadDesk would cost for your company is to have a call with one of our experts. Book a call today!