Inbound and Outbound communication solutions for modern enterprises

Outbound sales and omnichannel customer service solutions for demanding call and messaging needs.

Solutions that match your industry needs

While LeadDesk can be used in any industry, we have built some tailored solutions to help with the more complex and industry-specific needs. From helping taxi dispatchers save time to creating automatic callback solutions in the public healthcare sector.

Transport and Logistics

Finland's largest Taxi companies rely on LeadDesk to help them drive their business forward. Our tailored solution for Taxi dispatchers is easy-to-use and technically reliable, making your employees' everyday life more pleasant.

Energy and Utilities

Companies around the Nordics use LeadDesk to ensure communication at critical times. We provide automatic fault messages, service prioritization, and other features to help with crisis management. This lets your employees focus on where they are needed the most.

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For health care providers it's important that every call is dealt with in a timely manner. LeadDesk provides health centers across the Nordics with a solution that automatically logs callbacks to nurses when the lines are full. This lets nurses focus on each patient and removes the holding times.

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Banking and Finance

Some of the largest banks in Norway depend on LeadDesk to ensure the secure handling of their customer service. We provide cloud-based and on-premise services with strict security features to adhere to local legislation.

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Public sector

LeadDesk provides municipalities and public sector companies across Europe with solutions to manage all customer inquiries in one place, receive client calls, launch callback services, and improve their workforce management. This lets them build good reputation and removes any distractions for the agents.

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Trusted by industry-leading teams who value ease-of-use, reliability, and delivery excellence.

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Teams that already made the change.

Customer service
Delight your customers

Being able to delight your customers over and over again comes down to a few things: the right people, and tools that let them fully focus on the customer. While we can’t help with the first one, we have spent countless amount of hours developing a solution that lets your agents focus only on what matters the most - serving the customer.

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Outbound sales
More calls, more sales

In high volume sales, every minute saved equals a new opportunity. Having a contact center solution that adapts to your needs and ways of work can drastically impact your efficiency and the bottom line. Let us handle the ”boring" stuff under the hood and keep your agents talking with customers and closing those deals.

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Why choose LeadDesk for Enterprise level Customer Service?

LeadDesk fits companies that need professional handling of customer service in several channels with the possibility of adaptation down to the detailed level. Today, we have customers that use LeadDesk with up to 1,000 agents. LeadDesk lets your agents focus on delighting customers in multiple channels in a flexible, stable, and reliable way.

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Calls, emails, SMS, chats

No need to jump in between programs to serve multiple channels. Collect all customer service requests in the same queues to effectively prioritize your agents' work.

Customized agent view

Our agent interface can be customized in countless ways, creating a highly efficient work space for your agents. Each campaign can be tailor-made, scripted and integrated with third party systems to fit your needs.

Advanced IVR management

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is used to identify and collect data on the customer to put him or her in the right queue. Customers can always get help through self-service solutions. Today, our IVR manages over 500,000 calls a day, mainly in the banking and insurance sectors.

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Large-screen display of real-time data

A visualization tool that shows relevant data on a large screen or on a single computer. The module is web-based and can be reached anywhere you have access to the Internet. The information is customized to your company’s needs.

Why choose LeadDesk for Enterprise level Outbound Sales?

A dialer system queues the outgoing calls and ensures that your sales skyrocket. Our dialer is the market leader in the Nordics and has been developed for over 16 years - by Salespeople for Salespeople.

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Intelligent dialer modes for all your needs

An intuitive system that increases your chance of calling the right person. Choose between different dialer modes such as Progressive, Preview, Power, Predictive, Account, and Click-to-Call.

Call-backs as a sales factor

26% of unanswered sales calls tend to be called back. In LeadDesk, an inbound queue can be included in all outbound projects. You can control these queues in terms of applicable skills of the sales agent and opening hours. The hit rate of such inbound calls is higher than the first outbound calls. There is thereby a chance to maximize your sales.

Voicemail filtering

Voicemails can be a big brake block that can slow the pace in a seller's workflow, reducing efficiency. Our power and predictive dialers have automatic voicemail filters, letting the sellers focus on doing their actual job.


Agents can send an agreement for signing straight to a customer by e-mail or text message. You choose whether you want to just use E-sign or you can offer the customers a choice between E-sign and a voice recording.

We help you integrate into the systems you use

Enterprises seldom come with a one-size-fits-all. That is why we have created very easy and well-documented APIs to integrate into virtually any system you currently use.

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Some of the integrations our customers are already running

What's different about LeadDesk?

Strong call infrastructure to keep you at ease

All our solutions are built on the same solid platform, which is used to make over 100 million calls each year all over Europe.

Our data centers are spread across Europe and served through zone availability for enhanced reliability.

ISO 27001 and SOC2 certified

Made for data-conscious organisations who work with sensitive or privileged customer information.

LeadDesk is audited and certified by KPMG and Bureau Veritas for our security control measures under international and European data security standards.

Built for European needs

Our solutions adhere to the regulation in each market ensuring that both our and your business is compliant.

Support is available in your native tongue. Our servers are in Europe, ensuring fast operations and that your data is not handed to outside the EU.

Advanced reporting capabilities

Our solutions are delivered with standard reports. Depending on your needs, the standard reports can be configured and extra reports can be ordered. The reports can be customized and provide information on agents, performance, queues, and service levels, among other things. With a simple setting, the reports are automatically sent out by e-mail.

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Solution for team leads who want to make an impact

Spotlight lets you take control with real-time, actionable data that gives you the power to right-size queues and improve contact center profitability while responding to unexpected shifts and other changes in real-time.

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