The Perfect solution for mobile workforce

Take your communications beyond your desk

Expand your inbound capabilities directly to mobile. With advanced routing options to mobile phones, you never need to worry about who's at the office.

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Why LeadDesk Mobile?

Add mobile workers to your inbound call flows

Got specialists on the field? Use LeadDesk's powerful ACD to route the right calls to the right people in your organisation - desk or mobile.

Transfer calls from desktop to your mobile

Need to leave your desk to e.g. check inventory? Simply transfer the call from LeadDesk to your mobile and continue the conversation.

Mobile switchboard for SMEs

Stop asking the customer to call again to reach different departments. Simply route calls to the right person and let every employee have a switchboard at their fingertips.

Reports and recordings from mobile calls

Get insights from customizable dashboard and reports. Inbound calls from queues are recorded and listenable on LeadDesk.

Connect your full workforce to LeadDesk

Offer your customers a smooth experience in every touch point and with any device. You can easily distribute calls to the right mobile agent based on e.g. Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Ring Groups or even Speech Recognition.

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Inbound calls directed to mobile

Take inbound calls on mobile and continue working when not at your desk. Use the LeadDesk Flow Tool, Queues, Ring groups or IVR to connect the right person at the right time.

Mobile App

Transfer calls, update availability, arrange conference calls and create callbacks. All in your fingertips. Available on both iPhone and Android devices.

Great reporting tools

With advanced reporting tools, you will always stay on top of your business.