Provide Outstanding Patient Experience With Easy-To-Use Communication Tools in Any Channel

LeadDesk's healthcare solution offers an easy and secure way to handle all communications between you and your patients. Built with years of expertise and including custom tools designed to let you focus on your patients.

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Reliable and Easy-To-Use Healthcare Solutions Support Patient Satisfaction

Patients and other stakeholders understandably expect timely and safe service. It's thus vital for healthcare providers to offer flexible and secure channels where patients can make contact whenever and however they want.

Offering first-class service across multiple channels, however, requires intuitive software that seamlessly integrates to the work routines of the healthcare professionals. Our modern solutions are so easy to use that your medical staff can efficiently concentrate on treating patients rather than learning new systems.

The Benefits of Our Healthcare Contact Center Solutions

Patient satisfaction

Your patients get the service they deserve while your employees get to concentrate on their core work.


LeadDesk is a cloud-based, high-quality software that guarantees maximum uptime and reliable communications.

Healthcare expertise

LeadDesk's team is highly experienced in providing call center solutions that suit the special needs of the healthcare sector.

Make treating patients more effortless than ever

A unified software for all communications empowers your patients by allowing them to contact you using the channel of their own choosing. LeadDesk helps you set a contact center that makes catering for your patient’s needs more efficient than ever before.

LeadDesk provides a unified platform where your medical staff can easily work from wherever they want. It requires little training, so your staff can concentrate on what matters most – treating patients. As LeadDesk is cloud-based, it requires no costly on-premise installations or large initial investments.

Healthcare deserves a quality solution with maximum uptime

Healthcare is a crucial industry where communications simply must work. LeadDesk provides a healthcare call center solution that is always on call to receive both urgent and non-urgent contacts. Superior call quality in all situations ensures that critical information is conveyed correctly.

LeadDesk’s interface is intuitive and the system is fully customisable. With LeadDesk’s reporting tools you get quality reports that create transparency and help you to optimize your operation.

Strong healthcare expertise adds the finishing touch

With LeadDesk, you’re guaranteed to get a partner that has vast knowledge of the healthcare industry. We have provided services that enable a better healthcare experience to various organizations from small private clinics to large-scale public operations.

This means that you get a designated LeadDesk team with healthcare sector experience to handle the implementation process of your services as well as expert customer service.

Health Care Call Center Benchmarks

City of Oulu

The City of Oulu wanted to minimize the number of elderly people contracting COVID-19 with a massive calling campaign. With the help of LeadDesk, the efficiency of calling was taken to a whole new level and more than 7,500 people over the age of 80 had been contacted within a week, even though the average call time was over 5 minutes.


Private medical center Gyneko had a problem with peak-hour call overflows. With LeadDesk's callback service and SMS templates Gyneko has been able to communicate with patients instantly and react to their needs quickly. The average callback time has been around 10 minutes.

Tornio Medical Center

To provide patients with better service and to allow medical staff to concentrate without interruptions, the Tornio Medical Center started using LeadDesk's callback service. The removal of unanswered calls has improved patient satisfaction. Medical experts have also gained better control of their work as they don't have to answer calls while treating a patient.

Nispa: The Callback System Designed for Healthcare Specialists That Leaves No Call Unanswered

You should be able to provide service to your customers at all times, regardless of the number of calls. LeadDesk's healthcare call center includes a callback service, Nispa. The callback service ensures that whenever your staff is unable to answer a call, the system automatically plays a friendly recorded message letting the patients know they will be called back soon. An SMS template service helps deliver additional information to inform the patients about the current situation and their options.

LeadDesk's cloud-based callback service can be tailored according to your needs and schedules. Optimally, callbacks simultaneously improve your customer service and free your staff to concentrate on their core duties.

Would you be interested in a callback solution that ensures your patients are always able to make contact with you, regardless of queues?

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