Oral Brings Omnichannel Customer Service And Data-Informed Forecasting to Their Operations

Oral Hammaslääkärit Oy invested in an omnichannel contact center service which helps them improve customer experience with real-time data and reporting.

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Oral Hammaslääkärit Oy is one of the leading dental healthcare companies in Finland. They have a vast network of 1,600 experts across 70 locations, and offer premium oral health services throughout the country. Oral prides itself in its mission to ensure outstanding customer service alongside their care services.

Need: Omnichannel Customer Service With Accurate Data That Helps Improve Operations

Oral was looking for a contact center solution that would fit their growing needs and challenges. They wanted to give their customers the best possible service, and they identified several key needs which would help them improve their service:

  • Better Reporting Capabilities: Oral needed a system where they could improve their customer service reporting, which would help them develop their customer service quality.
  • Omnichannel Customer Service: The ability to serve customers in many channels from a single software, and to have these conversations centralised for each customer.
  • User-Friendliness: A contact center system where it’s easy for agents to use, whether it’s their first time, or whether they’re seasoned veterans.
  • Customisation Capabilities: Being able to adapt the contact center software to Oral’s specific needs, like integrating customer relationship managment systems.


Heidi Niemelä, Customer Service Coordinator at Oral, highlights, “We had reporting issues; we didn’t get the right kind of data which we needed to be able to develop our customer service to the best quality for our customers.”

Solution: Advanced Reporting, Integrations, And Omnichannel Customer Service

LeadDesk came to Oral’s attention from the recommendation of a colleague.

“We were surprised by how easily you can control all your campaigns and how closely you can monitor performance” recalls Heidi. With advanced reporting and omnichannel capabilities, LeadDesk for Customer Service was a great fit for Oral’s needs.

  • Built for Omnichannel Service: LeadDesk for Customer Service is built from the ground up as a cloud-based omnichannel contact center solution. This type of solution is ideal for first-line customer service needs.
  • Advanced Reporting: With LeadDesk, you can pinpoint areas for improvement quickly and easily, thanks to an array of ready-made reports built to your needs.
  • Integrations:LeadDesk integrates with a wide range of other systems, including customer data systems used by Oral, which proved useful in speeding up processes for their customer service.

Results: Improved Efficiency, Forecasting With Accurate Data, And Happy Agents

Since using LeadDesk for Customer Service, Oral has experienced significant gains in their customer service. Heidi Niemelä shares, “We got better agent and manager efficiency and could use the data for forecasting and to keep improving our performance.”

For its customer service agents and managers, Oral has enjoyed new insights in their customer service with LeadDesk with more accurate real-time and monthly data, especially concerning key performance indicators like response rate and wait time.

  • Improved Efficiency: Managing campaigns and projects is more effective when using LeadDesk, saving time for managers and agents.
  • Better Reporting and Forecasting: With Real-Time and Monthly data, reporting has never been easier. Oral can also customise their own reports so they can track the metrics that matter to them most.
  • Agent Satisfaction: LeadDesk is built with user experience in mind, and agents can learn to use and get started with LeadDesk in about 15 minutes. “Our agents enjoy that LeadDesk is clear and easy-to-use”, says Heidi.
  • Streamlined Processes with Integrations: Thanks to the integrations with Oral’s systems, agents can quickly check and update customer information, saving precious time and reducing the need for outbound calls.


Heidi Niemelä sums up their overall experience, “We have been pleased with LeadDesk’s reporting data, and we have been able to customise our own reports. Our agents enjoy the clear and easy-to-use program. Managing the campaigns and projects has been quite effective overall.”

Future Plans

Oral is always pushing to improve their customer’s experience, and they expect their solution partners to be constantly innovating. LeadDesk is no different, and Oral is looking forward to exploring breakthroughs in AI and automation for customer service.

“We would like to see more possibilities for AI to be used. We’ll see how it goes,” shares Heidi.


Heidi Niemalä is the Customer Service Coordinator for Oral. She has extensive knowledge in managing customer service operations, with over 16 years of customer service experience under her belt. Heidi has worked at Oral since 2019, training agents and coordinating customer service operations.