How Nordisk Film Cinemas Improved Efficiency Without Additional Resources Using AI Chatbots

Nordisk Film Cinemas reduced agent load across all channels by 22% thanks to AI Chatbots from LeadDesk.

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Briefly in Numbers

Lower volumes in Customer Service handled by Agents
Questions answered by chatbot instead of human agents

Nordisk Film Cinemas operates the leading cinema chain in Denmark with 23 cinemas entertaining millions of guests each year. They also operate 24 cinemas in Norway and 2 cinemas in Sweden.

Nordisk Film Cinemas is part of Nordisk Film, the oldest still-operating film production company in the world, and part of the Egmont Group, a Danish media corporation.

Need: Improve Operational Efficiency Without Reallocating Resources

Nordisk Film Cinemas in Denmark wanted to improve their customers’ experience by bringing more digital interactive functionalities to their cinema experience. They also wanted to streamline operational efficiency, but retain how they currently allocate resources. This required a solution which would operate more or less independently, without extensive manual oversight or financial investments, while still providing a user-friendly digital solution for their customers to have conversations with Nordisk Film Cinemas.

They identified a number of needs which they needed to overcome:

  • More interactive digital experience options for customers, leading to more seamless communication.
  • A cost-effective chatbot solution which is simple to use, as previous tests in the Egmont Group proved too expensive and complex for practical use.
  • Increase digital ticket sales and interactions without escalating operational costs.


Niels Andersen, Nordisk Film Cinema’s Experience Excellence Manager in Denmark, recalls: “We were in search of a digital solution that could align with our strategic goals without overwhelming our resources. The market offerings we explored initially were either too expensive or too complex for our needs.”

Solution: Easy-to-Use AI Chatbot With Low Maintenance Requirements

When Madina from LeadDesk and Niels first spoke, they discussed LeadDesk’s previous expertise providing AI chatbot solutions for Finnish cinema chain Finnkino.

“We saw how Finnkino were using the chatbot, and implementing a chatbot solution became much more interesting because LeadDesk’s competitive pricing helped us prove a business case for the AI Chatbot,” explains Niels.

LeadDesk’s AI Chatbot stood out for its affordability and user-friendly design. Employees at Nordisk Film Cinemas can manage and customise the chatbot’s responses and functionality independently, as needed. This means that they are able to update and adjust in real-time without relying on external assistance from external chatbot consultants.

Getting the chatbot live was also straightforward. Nordisk Film Cinemas was able to get their chatbot up and running for customers in two weeks.

In summary, Nordisk Film Cinemas partnership with LeadDesk brought:

  • a cost-effective, user-friendly chatbot tailored to their needs
  • gave Nordisk Film Cinemas independence and flexibility to manage and update the chatbot with real-time updates
  • fast deployment. Nordisk Film Cinemas was able to start serving customers with the chatbot in two weeks from the start of the project.


“LeadDesk’s chatbot revolutionized our customer service. Its ease of use and quick deployment allowed us to immediately see improvements in our customer interaction metrics,” explains Niels Andersen, Experience Excellence Manager at Nordisk Film Cinemas, “We started with the chatbot in Denmark and in January we also implemented it in Norway.”

Results: Tickets Down, Answers Up Thanks to AI Chatbots

Nordisk Film Cinemas AI Chatbot has already brought significant results to their customer service metrics.

Already, about 22% of all customer inquiries across all their channels are reduced after the chatbot introduction, indicating that the AI chatbot is handling those customer inquiries. This significantly reduces the load on human customer service agents across their service channels. It also means that agents can focus on more complex customer conversations, since the chatbot excels in answering frequent customer queries.

The chatbot also answers about 86% of customer questions satisfactorily, resolving their issues in chat so a customer service agent does not need to speak with the customer individually.


What Changed Change per month Explanation
Total Customer Service Volumes for Human Agents Decreased 22% Agents haven’t needed to address as many tickets and queues are reduced.
Answer Rate in Chat 86% Answered Over 85% of customer inquiries in chat answered satisfactorily by chatbot, reducing agent load and speeding up response and resolution time.


“LeadDesk’s AI Chatbot supported a significant portion of customer interactions automatically with a high success rate. This makes it an excellent business use case for us,” says Niels.

Future Plans

Following the initial success with the AI Chatbot, Nordisk Film is looking to further implement AI and automation to improve their customer service even more. LeadDesk’s development of AI and Custom Large Language Models for chatbots is being followed closely.

Some fresh AI features are already being considered, notably utilizing a VoiceBot for deflecting common queries in telephone support, as well as introducing multilingual capabilities to serve a broader audience.

“Our cooperation with LeadDesk has been a great experience. We are excited about the future possibilities, especially with advancements in AI. We are confident that our continued partnership with LeadDesk will bring even more innovative solutions to our operations,” concludes Niels Andersen, Experience Excellence Manager at Nordisk Film Cinemas.

About the Contributor

Niels Andersen has been with Nordisk Film Cinemas for 13 years. As the Experience Excellence Manager in Denmark, he is responsible for ensuring that every customer enjoys a seamless and memorable visit at their cinemas.

This pivotal role means that Niels is involved in many of the daily operations to ensure excellent customer satisfaction, including staff training and manager coaching, as well as overseeing the digital guest experience.

Niels is the main responsible person from Nordisk Film Cinemas for the success of the AI Chatbot partnership with LeadDesk.