SOS Children’s Villages' Contact Center Integration with LeadDesk

SOS Children’s Villages brought improved call tracking and dialer integration into their Salesforce solution with LeadDesk.

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SOS Children’s Villages is a non-profit organization with a heartfelt mission: to give children a safe home. They specialize in family strengthening programs, alternative care for children who cannot stay with their biological parents, and work closely with local societies to uphold the UN’s children’s rights convention.

With over 70 years of expertise and operations in over 130 countries, SOS Children’s Villages stands as a leader in providing care for children at risk of being alone.

Need: Dialers That Enhance Agent Productivity, Not Hinder It

SOS Children’s Villages faced significant challenges with their previous dialer system. Their previous system was inadequate for tracking and coaching agents effectively.

They needed a solution that integrated seamlessly with Salesforce, allowing for efficient call tracking by date, campaign, and outcome, without the effort of manual logging.

This was crucial for enhancing agent productivity and gaining valuable insights for operational improvement.

  • Inadequate Dialer System: Previous solution was insufficient for effectively tracking and coaching agents.
  • Integration Requirement: Needed a system compatible with Salesforce for efficient tracking of phone calls.
  • Enhancing Productivity: Sought to eliminate manual logging of calls to boost agent productivity​​.


“We shortlisted four different dialer solutions that integrate with Salesforce and compared them in our fundraising campaigns,” explains Jonas Lundberg, Sales Coordinator at SOS Children’s Villages.

Solution: Powerful LeadDesk Dialers Integrated with Salesforce

After evaluating four options, SOS Children’s Villages chose LeadDesk for its user-friendly interface, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

  • Salesforce Integration: LeadDesk’s integration with Salesforce streamlined call tracking by date, campaign, and outcome dispensing the need for manual logging.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Chosen for its intuitive design and scalability.
  • Customizable Reporting Tools: Provided new insights and improved operations​​.


Jonas describes the evaluation process: “LeadDesk not only impressed us with its extensive range of features but also with its proactive approach to integrating the dialer with Salesforce. Also, the customizable reporting tools provided us with valuable insights that we were previously unaware of, further improving our operations.”

Results: Improved Calling Performance, Better Tracking of Sales Per Hour

LeadDesk proved to be well-suited for the team’s size, offering excellent guidance and integration with other systems. It also expanded their reporting abilities with LeadDesk’s custom reports functionality.

When first evaluating LeadDesk against other solutions, SOS Children’s Villages experienced notable improvements in fundraiser performance in terms of reach and contacts made.

“We tested the four competing solutions on all our fundraisers and rated their dialer systems against each other. LeadDesk was a top performer. It was user friendly and intuitive. It also allowed the fundraiser to reach more contacts than before,” explains Jonas.

  • Improved Tracking and Reporting: LeadDesk’s live agent statistics function became the top solution for tracking sales per hour per project.
  • Enhanced Fundraiser Performance: Notable improvements observed in fundraiser activities.
  • Positive Feedback and Support: Exemplary customer service and hands-on support from LeadDesk​​.


Future Plans

SOS Children’s Villages’ collaboration with LeadDesk has been extremely satisfying. The organization looks forward to continuing this partnership, focusing on further improving their fundraising efforts to help expand their efforts to support children in need.

“We are extremely satisfied with LeadDesk. Our needs and wants are being heard and fixed”​​ Jonas concludes.

About the Contributor

Jonas Lundberg is the Sales Coordinator and Salesforce Super User at SOS Children’s Villages International. He has worked with SOS Children’s Villages for almost five years and was involved in the project to improve the capabilities of their dialer systems alongside LeadDesk.