Different organizations have different reporting needs.

With the LeadDesk reporting stack, we can help you with whatever kinds of reports you need – from super easy pre-built reports to more demanding custom reports.

the different reporting tools in LeadDesk

Basic reporting (Included)

Pre-built reports are the report templates you can find ready-made in LeadDesk. While customizing is an important part of making the most of reporting, some basic metrics are always useful. Pre-built reports are great for basic reporting needs – they save time and are easy to use.

We have done our best to create pre-built reports to benefit most of our customers. When you combine our user-friendly interface with these pre-made templates, reporting is fast and easy. We already offer more than 20 pre-built templates for you to run whenever you need them or to schedule for your convenience – and more are being added constantly. Book a consultation with one of our experts to learn more.

Interactive custom reporting tool (Included)

With LeadDesk’s Custom reporting tool, you can customize reports easily. Create reports that include the metrics you want without any unnecessary information and customize the order in which the information is presented. After creating the report, you can find it with the pre-built templates. The custom report tool is great for mixing and matching exactly what you need from the basic contact center metrics. You can furthermore schedule the reports to be sent to your e-mail at various intervals.

Advanced editor (LeadApp store)

LeadDesk Analytics is a new tool for building advanced and complex reports easily without extensive coding skills needed. Get deeper access to your LeadDesk reporting database, explore schemas, and write SQL queries with an intuitive and modern analytics tool and query editor. You can create and visualize easy-to-read reports, widgets, and mini-reports and build interactive dashboards. Our new reporting tool allows you to explore, analyze and share your data easily to make data-driven decisions.

Custom report development (LeadDesk Professional Services)

When you have more demanding reporting needs, we can customize the reports for you. Whatever you need in your report, we make it happen. With this customization option, we can calculate data according to your wishes and your business needs. Maybe you prefer seeing your average agent wait time to include ringing time also? Or maybe you want to sort your call ending reasons by queue?

All custom order reports can be scheduled to be delivered to your preferred email at your convenience. This is a great option for creating reports that match your exact business needs.

BI tool of the client (running on the replica DB)

Consolidating data is at the core of successful reporting practices. To be able to use and combine data from LeadDesk with data from other business operations, we offer the option of a replica server.

LeadDesk Replica Server is a duplicate of all the data in your contact center software and it serves two purposes:

  • You can build your own custom reports.
  • You can integrate contact center data with other systems, such as CRM and Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

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