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Integrate LeadDesk to your CRM or other systems with our ready made connectors or API and increase the performance of your agents. Our customers already run 100+ different integrations with LeadDesk.

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Increase agent efficiency with easy integrations

The LeadDesk API can be used for CRM integration and data handling as well as improving legacy systems, compliance, reporting and workflows. Our customers already run LeadDesk integrations with SalesForce, Dynamics, Kayak, Pipedrive, Zendesk, and more. LeadDesk is also easy to integrate with client-side systems. Problems with ordering, logistics, ERP or CRM systems? We can help lower your costs and increase productivity.

Microsoft Power Automate
Use our Microsoft Power Automate -connector to automate various actions in LeadDesk. Use the connector to manage leads and agents, create callbacks or adjust agent campaign access.
See the documentation for more information.
Qualify Salesforce leads on LeadDesk. The connector allows you to use LeadDesk to qualify leads gathered on Salesforce. The solution is optimal when you have high volume of leads to qualify or the leads are qualified by a separate company or contact center team.

Some of the custom connectors we have done so far

API documentation

To get started with integrating LeadDesk with other systems, have a look at the full documentation of our API.

API Docs

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