Pohjanmaan Taksi's Growth and Transformation with LeadDesk

Pohjanmaan Taksi Oy grew their taxi dispatch center, operating smoothly and efficiently 24/7 with LeadDesk.

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Pohjanmaan Taksi Oy, established in 1993, has significantly grown from its modest beginnings. Today, it offers high-quality taxi dispatch services across Northern and Central Pohjanmaa and Kainuu regions to about 900 taxis, operating 24/7 every day of the year. The company is part of the OTAXI brand, also servicing Korpitaxi and Taksi Kokkola. It has grown steadily to a team of 31 and boasts an annual turnover of approximately two million euros.

Problem: Challenges in Taxi Dispatch Operations

Prior to adopting LeadDesk, Pohjanmaan Taksi lacked a sophisticated phone center system, which was essential for establishing their taxi dispatch center in Raahe. They faced challenges in system interoperability and operational efficiency compared to competitors. They needed a solution that not only addressed this gap but also aligned well with the TaxiBook dispatch system they were using.

Main challenges faced:

  •    Lack of a comprehensive telephony system.
  •    No integrations with their TaxiBook dispatch system.
  •    Reliability and functionality concerns.


“We were just establishing our dispatch center and needed a system that aligned seamlessly with our operations,” remembers Markku Ylikulju, CEO of Pohjanmaan Taksi.

Solution: Reliable and Established Advanced Telephony and Booking with LeadDesk

After visiting other taxi companies and observing their systems, Markku and his team concluded that LeadDesk was the best fit for their operations.

Its robust features and reliability, like order history storage significantly accelerated dispatch processes. It is also in continuous development, which means that Pohjanmaan Taksi can enjoy more modern additions quickly.

  •    Compatibility with existing TaxiBook system.
  •    Advanced features like order history storage.
  •    Continuous system enhancements.


“LeadDesk’s features were pivotal in streamlining our dispatch services. The order history storage was a game-changer for us,” says Markku.

Results: Enhanced Efficiency and Reliability

LeadDesk’s solution, particularly the Next Call Pro, proved to be highly reliable and efficient. Features like 24/7 support service proved invaluable for resolving off-hour issues. A significant feature, the ability to store order history, greatly accelerated their dispatch process. Over time, they have adopted more of LeadDesk’s features, continually improving their service.

With LeadDesk, Pohjanmaan Taksi have enjoyed:

  •    More reliable and efficient dispatch operations.
  •    Enhanced problem resolution with 24/7 support.
  •    Improved operational transparency.


“LeadDesk has provided us with reliability and adaptability, crucial for our around-the-clock service needs,” explains Markku

Looking to the Future

As Pohjanmaan Taksi continues to grow and expand its services, their collaboration with LeadDesk remains a key component of their success. They aim to continuously enhance their operations, adapting to new challenges and opportunities in the taxi service industry.

“We are constantly seeking ways to integrate new features to serve our customers better,” concludes Markku Ylikulju, CEO of Pohjanmaan Taksi.

About the Contributor

Markku Ylikulju is the CEO of Pohjanmaan Taksi and his leadership has steered the company through significant growth and technological advancements, consistently focusing on improving customer service and operational efficiency.

Markku worked closely on implementing the LeadDesk (formerly Capricode Systems) software for Pohjanmaan Taksi’s use.