Sportsklubben Brann Enhances Customer Interaction with LeadDesk's Chatbot Solution

Sportsklubben Brann significantly reduced manual support hours while simultaneously boosting customer satisfaction by implementing LeadDesk's chatbot solution.

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Sportsklubben Brann is a professional football club based in Bergen, Norway, renowned for its passionate fanbase and rich history. Founded in 1908, the club competes in the Norwegian Eliteserien and boasts multiple league titles and cup victories. Brann is committed to engaging with its fans and enhancing the matchday experience, both at their home ground, Brann Stadion, and online.

Need: Streamline Customer Service Inquiry Operations

Sportsklubben Brann faced a significant challenge in managing the increasing volume of customer service inquiries, particularly during peak times such as match days and ticket sales.

To maintain a high standard of service and keep their fans satisfied, Brann recognized the necessity to enhance the operational efficiency of their customer service.

They identified several problems which they needed to overcome:

  • On match days and during ticket sales, Brann received a high volume of basic inquiries, which consumed much of the customer service team’s time.
  • With limited resources to manage customer service, Brann struggled to handle the large volume of inquiries. This often led to long wait times and unsatisfactory service experiences for the fans.
  • The increased workload on the customer service staff divided their attention, making it difficult to focus on more complex or unique issues that required personalized attention.
  • Handling repetitive queries manually was time-consuming and inefficient, causing delays and reducing the customer service team’s overall effectiveness.


“We were overwhelmed by customer service inquiries, especially during peak times. Our single customer service representative couldn’t keep up with the volume, leading to delays and frustration.” – Mads Liabø, Marketing Manager

Solution: Implementing LeadDesk’s Chatbot

When Sportsklubben Brann addressed their issues, they discussed LeadDesk expertise providing AI chatbot solution, which automated responses to frequently asked questions and streamlined customer service operations.

The LeadDesk Chatbot stood out itself with advanced self-help features, seamlessly integrating into Brann’s existing support infrastructure. This allowed fans quick and easy access to information on tickets, matches, and exclusive promotions.

Implementing this solution enabled Sportsklubben Brann to allocate more resources to address complex issues. By automating responses to frequently asked questions, the chatbot significantly reduced the workload for customer service staff and improved overall efficiency in handling repetitive queries.

In summary, Sportsklubben Brann’s partnership with LeadDesk brought:

  • Automated responses to frequently asked questions.
  • Improved fan access to information on tickets, matches, and promotions.
  • Reduced workload for customer service staff.
  • Better resource allocation for complex issues.


“LeadDesk’s chatbot significantly reduced our customer service workload. It handles basic inquiries efficiently, allowing our staff to focus on more complex issues.” – Mads Liabø, Marketing Manager

Results: Improved Customer Service Efficiency

Since integrating the chatbot, Sportsklubben Brann has significantly enhanced their customer service operations and fan interactions. The AI chatbot has streamlined customer support processes and strengthened their ability to engage with fans in a more personalized and meaningful manner, laying a solid foundation for continued growth and success.

The chatbot has successfully answered 79.3 % of visitor questions allowing staff to focus on more complex issues. This has led to increased customer satisfaction, and the insights gained have helped effectively tailor services to fan needs.

According to Mads Liabø, Marketing Manager at Sportsklubben Brann, “The chatbot has been a game-changer. We’ve seen a huge drop in basic inquiries, and our response times have improved significantly. Fans are happier, and we’re able to focus on delivering a better matchday experience.”

Future Plans

Following the initial success with the AI Chatbot, Sportsklubben Brann plans to expand the capabilities of their chatbot to further enhance fan engagement and streamline operations.

“We’re excited about the future possibilities with LeadDesk. We plan to integrate more advanced features and expand the chatbot’s capabilities to provide an even better experience for our fans.” – Mads Liabø, Marketing Manager

About the Contributor

Mads Liabø is the Marketing Manager at Sportsklubben Brann, overseeing customer service and fan engagement initiatives. With extensive experience in managing fan interactions and enhancing the matchday experience, Mads played a pivotal role in the successful implementation of LeadDesk’s chatbot solution at Brann.