Verisure Sverige AB Centralises Booking with Cloud-Based Contact Center Software for High-Volume Sales

Verisure Sverige AB centralises their booking system and improves lead management using LeadDesk.

Also available in: Nederlands

Verisure Sverige AB, a leading European provider of professionally monitored security systems, has been dedicated to protecting families and small businesses across Europe and Latin America. With over 4.8 million customers, their mission is to provide peace of mind by safeguarding what matters most to their clients.

Renowned for their marketing and sales excellence, innovative products, and customer-centricity, Verisure has a history of strong growth and high customer retention rates.

Needs: Centralised Booking System and Enhanced Lead Generation

Verisure faced critical operational challenges that led them to consider LeadDesk.

They needed to centralize the booking function for external personnel and enhance online lead generation capabilities. This requirement was crucial to maintaining their high standards in customer service and efficient operational management.

Solution: Cloud-based Contact Center for High-Volume Sales

Verisure’s Norwegian branch conducted a screening for a Leads Management system during 2014-2015, leading them to discover LeadDesk.

“LeadDesk stood out for its seamless integration with our existing processes. It was imperative that the new system aligns with Verisure’s RGTMM process, and LeadDesk was the perfect fit,” explains Raul Pettersson, 3rd Party Service Owner at Verisure Sverige AB.

LeadDesk effectively addressed the lack of functionality in Verisure’s systems. It provided a centralized solution for booking and online lead generation, which were key to improving Verisure’s operational efficiency.

“Implementing LeadDesk has significantly enhanced our operational efficiency. It fills critical functionality gaps vital to our service excellence, like our booking function centralisation and online lead generation,” adds Raul.

Results and Future: More Functional Systems and Positive Support

LeadDesk resolved the functionality gaps in Verisure’s system. While specific numeric key performance indicators (KPIs) were not tracked, the overall experience with LeadDesk has been positive. Verisure has noted good cooperation with LeadDesk’s support personnel and an understanding of each other’s needs.

“Our journey with LeadDesk has been one of continuous improvement, and our cooperation with LeadDesk’s support team has fostered mutual understanding and focused on enhancing our operational capabilities,” explains Raul.

Verisure values the continuous improvement and expects to further enhance their systems with LeadDesk.

“We look forward to a continued partnership with LeadDesk, focusing on refining our operational processes and managing new releases more effectively. Our goal is to keep evolving and maintaining the high standards of service that our customers expect from Verisure,” concludes Raul.

About the Contributor

Raul Pettersson is the 3rd Party Service Owner at Verisure Sverige AB. Raul has been with Verisure since 2004, starting as an alarm operator. His role involves working as a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) towards third-party vendors and managing new third-party tasks within the Business Application area of Verisure Innovation AB.