Spotlight for team leads in sales

Drive sales and empower your team with real-time coaching

You're in charge! Take control with live, actionable data and improve contact center profitability. LeadDesk Spotlight provides you with everything you need to lead, coach, and manage your team. The right tool at the right time makes sales coaching as easy as it should be. Focus your time on where it's needed the most.

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Why LeadDesk Spotlight?

Keeping team leads focused

No more getting distracted by all the admin settings and reports. The Spotlight lets team leads to focus on what is happening on the field right now, the real-time performance of agents and campaigns.

Customizable dashboard

Every team lead can build their own card-based dashboard with the most important KPIs for their team. Customize easily by choosing and arranging ready-made cards, adding pages for different views and applying quick filters.

Real-time coaching

Foresight is always better than hindsight. With live data and insights, you can help a struggling agent on the spot. Coaching is also about real-time praises. If the praise can't be linked to an achievement, coaching loses its impact.

Access on every device

Keep on track of your team’s performance no matter where you are. Use the Spotlight on a computer at your desk, grab a tablet in your hand and walk among the agents, and follow the situation with your mobile when you are on the go.

Spotlight what you want to focus on– Add ready-made cards and arrange them

Campaign Overview card

This main card shows the most important statistics for a single campaign. It has double duty as it provides not only the relevant statistics of the campaign but also acts as a controller for dialers and robots.

The card includes all the following statistics of the selected campaign: Numbers remaining, Deals, Hit rate, Deals per hour, Drop rate, Connection rate, Connected per hour.

Agent List card

A very versatile card presenting all agents from one campaign. Filters, tabs, and sortable columns show you relevant data about the agent group of your choice. You can easily see who is doing well and who needs your help the most.

Select your filter to either see all agents, all working agents (in a call, ready, editing), or all passive agents. Get insights from three different tabs: Call results, Efficiency, and Calls. Sorting with any header on each tab gives you a wide array of options on how to display your agents.

Agent Spotlight card

Shine a spotlight on a single agent or compare two or more agents to see what differs.

Toggle between the agents in the campaign or go to the agent list to find the one you’re looking for. All statistics except deals and no deals are compared against the campaign average and displayed in green if better and red when worse. The card also shows with clear icons and colors how the agents are doing on a hit rate/tempo matrix.

Your team plays better when coached. The Spotlight helps to gain the insights and tools you need to become an effective leader.

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