Many years of collaboration that has led to exceptional results

Sparebanken Vest is the third largest savings bank, and the second oldest bank in Norway. The bank currently has total assets of more than NOK 160 billion and 700 employees. Therefore, it is very important for Sparebanken Vest that they have the best and most efficient solutions, which LeadDesk helps them with.

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Lives off the traffic from the customers

As Sparebanken Vest is one of the largest banks in Norway, comes very high traffic from their customers through both phone and other channels.

«At Sparebanken Vest, we tend to say that we live off the traffic from our customers. This means that we must have good solutions for workforce management. This is crucial to be able to deliver efficient and profitable customer center operations. Reporting on traffic patterns and follow-up of employees must be intuitive and easily accessible. After we used LeadDesk, we have gained very good insight into. traffic, customer behavior and very good control of workforce management. ”

– Anita Østerbø, Director of Direktebank Sparebanken Vest

As one can imagine, with such high traffic, it is very important to maintain efficiency and act quickly in the event of any challenges that arise. We asked Sparebanken Vest how LeadDesk follows up on this important element.

“We are an organization where our main advantage is to turn around quickly and act faster than our competitors, where it matters. This means that we also require our vendors to act quickly. Here I would like to commend LeadDesk for its fast delivery and its high degree of flexibility. ”

– Anita Østerbø, Director of Direktebank Sparebanken Vest

The importance of a good and close relationship based on a common desire to succeed

Sparebanken Vest has been a customer of LeadDesk for many years and has therefore built a very good customer-vendor relationship. For Sparebanken Vest, it is important to have a close and good relationship based on insight, trust and a common desire to succeed. After several years of collaboration, LeadDesk has worked to offer the best solutions for Sparebanken Vest.

“We have also experienced that LeadDesk goes to great lengths to deliver tailoring of special services and functionalities that we want. Example related to segmentation of different customer groups. You know us very well as a customer after many years of cooperation and we experience that you use the insight you have about us to deliver customized solutions where possible and a need. ”

– Anita Østerbø, Director of Direktebank Sparebanken Vest

Changed customer behavior

Customer behavior has changed considerably in recent years and especially in the last year where the use of other channels such as chat and forms from the web have increased in volume. Telephone is still important, but preferably in combination with other channels.

«In the future, it will therefore be important to choose a contact center solution that is as integrated as possible between channels based on an omnichannel way of thinking. It will be absolutely crucial that the customer experiences a seamless transition between the various channels in order for us to create the best customer experience. It is an expectation from the customer that we know them regardless of which channel they contact us in »

– Anita Østerbø, Director of Direktebank Sparebanken Vest

With this factor in mind, LeadDesk has offered a new integrated solution to Sparebanken Vest so that they can continue to be at the forefront of the banking industry. The time ahead looks exciting and promising.

“We are now at a crossroads in the form of significantly changed customer behavior and changed traffic patterns. We are therefore very excited to receive a closer presentation of the new integrated solution for LeadDesk. What we have seen so far seems promising. ”

– Anita Østerbø, Director of Direktebank Sparebanken Vest

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