“Reinventing” work at the physical store while boosting both employee and customer satisfaction.

What to do when customers are urged not to visit stores and employees’ salaries are partially dependent on their sales commissions? Companies with physical stores need to find new ways to serve their customers. This is precisely what Telenor stores in Sweden set out to do with LeadDesk.

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Telenor, one of the largest telecom providers in Sweden chose LeadDesk to help with outbound and proactive customer service.

Rethinking physical stores

How do you serve customers when many of them can’t visit stores due to restrictions put in place during Covid-19? – You turn to outbound and proactive customer service.

Instead of relying solely on their customer service organization, Telenor wanted to harness the expertise they have across the 45 stores in Sweden. Together with LeadDesk, they created an extra revenue stream for store staff to use during slower times in stores.

Think of it as a store 2.0, where sales staff get a systematic way to serve new and existing clients; ensure their contracts and devices are up to date, and help them with any questions they might have. Not only has this had a substantial effect on sales, but customer satisfaction as well.

Some of the benefits Telenor has seen after the roll-out:

  • Increased sales
  • Increased employee and customer satisfaction
  • Allowed Telenor to engage with thousands of extra customers on a monthly basis.

Give sales staff more opportunities

Keeping sales staff motivated during quiet times is not easy. There is only that much you can do to keep staff engaged when there are gaps between customer interactions. Furthermore, when part of the salary in the telecom business is generally tied into sales commissions, as a responsible employer Telenor wanted to give their sales staff new opportunities to help employees reach their own salary targets.

Noticeable here is that Telenor is not pushing sales staff to use LeadDesk, rather just provides the opportunity for them and it’s up to everyone themselves to use LeadDesk if they want to.

“We are not forcing the sales staff to pick up the phone and call, rather we want to give them more tools to succeed.” – Rami Santrisi, Project Manager

Telenor chose LeadDesk to better structure the way of doing outbound sales and proactive customer service. They decided on LeadDesk for its easy-to-use interface and reporting functions.

Deploying LeadDesk has already had a great impact at Telenor stores. Using outbound, sales staff can engage with customers throughout the day, changing to the phone during quiet times. This has had a huge impact on contact volume.

“With LeadDesk we can contact roughly 10000 additional customers on a monthly basis” – Rami Santrisi, Project Manager


Local relationships matter

As Telenor has 45 stores across Sweden, they wanted to match the customers with the closest stores. Call lists are easily uploaded from Telenor’s CRM into LeadDesk and distributed to the store closest to the customer. This way the sales staff can continue building relationships with their local customers.

“There is a huge difference in customer response when you introduce yourself as Calle from the Malmö Telenor store compared to Calle from Telenor.“ – Rami Santrisi, Project Manager

Now the sales staff get a fresh list of local customers and leads to call to, straight from LeadDesk. Furthermore, with custom call ending reasons, Telenor can control the call lists and pass info back into their CRM. This allows for better reporting and customer understanding.

From a customer’s perspective, they get the same personalized service as in stores and can have everything done directly from their couch. Contracts can be updated and signed with e-signing and devices and SIM-cards shipped directly to their home. Talk about win-win.


Better customer and employee experience

The welcome of LeadDesk has been phenomenal. Not only is Telenor reaching more customers and getting great feedback from them, but employees are embracing the new opportunity.

Employee surveys show great improvements in engagement within the company and a feeling that Telenor offers opportunities for advancing their careers.

“Our employee satisfaction surveys show that our staff have been extremely happy with LeadDesk. It’s super easy to use and makes calling, follow ups and reporting easy as 1,2,3.“ – Rami Santrisi, Project Manager

A good relationship is built on open communication

The key to any well-working relationship is open communication. Having a continuous dialogue between the LeadDesk Account Manager and Telenor ensures that both companies set themselves up for success.

“The communication between LeadDesk and Telenor has been fantastic. We are extremely happy with how fast they have been able to put our ideas into actions and the constant support we get from any questions that rise” – Rami Santrisi, Project Manager

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