LeadDesk Talk CTI

Talk user interface for LeadDesk. Easy to use Click-to-call dialer for LeadDesk. Call directly from websites, excel-sheets or CRM software

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LeadDesk Talk user interface
Flexible, easy-to-use Click-to-Call Dialer. Make calls directly from websites, excel sheets and CRMs without needing to add contacts manually in LeadDesk.

Scrapes numbers on websites, excel-sheets and CRM software and allows you to call with one click with LeadDesk’s high-quality calling infrastructure.

Integrates across platforms
LeadDesk Talk works seamlessly with customer management softwares like Salesforce, Zendesk, Pipedrive, Dynamics, and Hubspot. Activities, like call results, recordings and SMS messages, are saved under the contact record in the software so activities are fully logged for each contact. You can also get reports on all Talk activities inside LeadDesk using its Advanced Reporting feature.

Call and receive
Agents utilizing the click-to-call interface can be added into queues and Predictive Dialers.

Read the LeadDesk guide to Click-to-Call dialers

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