LeadDesk grows market share in the Nordics with the acquisition of Loxysoft
Software behind Sales and Customer Service Superstars

Clear and Efficient Sales and Customer Service Software

LeadDesk is an easy-to-use and efficient contact center software solution for high-volume sales and customer service agents handling up to 150 customers per day.

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Remote agents love our efficient and easy to use software

The LeadDesk software is very easy to adopt and use. It helps your agents close more by connecting the right person, with the right offer, through the right channel at the right time. The result? More leads closed.

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Easy to use

With a clear user interface, there’s no learning curve.


An intelligent dialer and a quick interface enable your agents to work efficiently.

Help readily available 24/7

Should you need help during office hours, our friendly support is there for you. For any production critical emergencies, we always have someone available.


Never lose track of your leads and agent performance with great reporting tools.

Clear and Efficient Sales and Customer Service Software

Trusted by 1000+ organizations in 34 countries

> 99,95%
95 %
ISO 27001

Who benefits from using LeadDesk?

Outbound Sales

Make calls faster with our intelligent dialer.

Inbound Sales

Manage multi-channel sales environments.

Customer Service

Quickly respond to your customers needs.

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An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is an answering machine that connects callers to the right person in an organization faster. An IVR achieves this by inviting the caller to input data (hence the word interactive) by either speaking out loud or typing a number on the keypad of their phone. IVR’s are commonly used in customer service.

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Why multichannel won’t cut it in an omnichannel world

To compete as a modern contact center or customer service, it’s not enough to provide service through phones and emails. Thus companies have kept adding new channels to keep up with customer demands. However, by adding channels, companies continue to add complexity to their systems. This has resulted in new headaches; more work for agents and a disconnected experience as customers need to repeat themselves across channels.

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Why ACD falls short and AC&MD is the future of customer service – Full guide to Automatic Call and Messaging Distribution

Thought ACD is enough for contact centers? Read how integrating all contact channels and agent distribution into an omnichannel software is the key to success.

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Case study
Telenor Stores

What to do when customers are urged not to visit stores and employees’ salaries are partially dependent on their sales commissions? Companies with physical stores need to find new ways to serve their customers. This is precisely what Telenor stores in Sweden set out to do with LeadDesk.

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