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Intelligent Software-as-a-Service for high-volume sales and customer service, where agents handle up to 150 customers per day.

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Why do agents love LeadDesk?

LeadDesk helps your agents close more by connecting the right person, with the right offer, through the right channel at the right time. The result? More leads closed.

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Quick interface enables your agents to work efficiently.


Smart call distribution among agents means time isn’t wasted on standby.

Great support

Our customer support is always within easy reach.


Never lose track of your leads with great reporting tools.

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Who benefits from using LeadDesk?

Outbound Sales

Make calls faster with our intelligent dialer.

Inbound Sales

Manage multi-channel sales environments.

Customer Service

Quickly respond to your customers needs.

Case study
Media Telemarketing

A well-functioning contact center software is crucial in Media Telemarketing’s line of business: the software is used throughout the outbound sales process. Good reporting capabilities also play an important role. With LeadDesk Media Telemarketing can easily track KPIs, monitor performance, and improve efficiency.

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