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LD Instant

85 € / license

Start calling in
15 minutes or less
From 2-5 licenses
  • All LD core features
  • One phone number per customer
  • Includes your first 150 min of VoIP
  • Instant set-up – start calling in 15 min

LD Essential

99 € / license

Everything a SME call center needs to run
Starting from 5 licenses
  • All LD core features
  • Dedicated account manager
  • One free phone number per customer
  • Dongle calling possible

LD Advanced

129 € / license

Increased efficiency and monitoring
Starting from 5 licenses
  • All LD Essential features
  • Dedicated success manager
  • Dedicated onboarding team*
  • Access to API
  • 3rd party VoIP integration possible
  • Priority support hotline

LD Enterprise

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Customize LeadDesk to fit your environment & workflow
Starting from 50 licenses
  • All LD core features
  • Senior account manager
  • Dedicated onboarding team
  • Senior project manager
  • Possibility to customize forms and reports
  • Custom CRM & BI integrations
  • Priority support hotline

4 hours of customization work included.


All of LeadDesk’s core features are listed in the categories
Calling features, Inbound features, Monitoring and Reporting, Safety and Compliance.
Calling features All the features you need to run a call center business or a sales team.
Advanced call control settings Hold, Mute, Transfer or turn a call into a Conference, with just one click
Call queues Build your own queues and messages.
Click-to-Call Use LeadDesk Button to call directly from your CRM, Website or even Excel sheet. Click-to-Call won’t get any easier.
Easily add phone numbers Buy new numbers inside of LeadDesk and have them activated within the day.
Customizable call ending reasons Use any of the pre-set call ending reasons, or create your own.
Call summary notes Let your agents make and access notes about your prospects
Set your own outbound caller ID Easily mask your outgoing numbers, to show the number you desire.
Set business hours Easily configure and edit your business hours to suite your needs.
Advanced contact list management Edit, Update or Split your calling list, with just a few clicks.
Instantly add new leads Import leads directly to your calling list from e.g. web forms.
Custom fields Edit the contact card with our customizable fields
Custom tags Organize, Search and Label your contacts with custom tags
Contact History Display customer interactions, information and comments in the agent or admin menu.
Automatic call-back Never miss a call back again. In LeadDesk you can automatically add call backs after each call.
Useful short keys LeadDesk has several useful short keys, to easily access information or set call results.
Choose your dialer mode Manual & automatic dialer included in for all LD users. Power-, Predictive- and Account dialing available for LD Essential, Advanced and Enterprise customers*.
Inbound features** Route caller to the best agents, team or department with custom criteria.
Advanced IVR management Easily route your call to the right agent with our flexible IVR.
Intelligent Call Distribution Make sure the customer speaks with the right agent based on agent skills, your IVR or caller information.
Skills-Based Routing Increase your caller satisfaction and first-call-resolution, by matching the caller to the agent with the required skill set.
Forward-to-Phone Forward your calls to mobile, to make sure a call never goes unanswered.
Easy to use Holiday configuration Easily configure and edit your Holiday opening times, months in advance.
Ring Groups With our flexible ring groups, you can easily ring several agents at one time, or in a specific order.
Enhanced Caller information Integrate your CRM with LeadDesk to access customer information, before you answer the call.
No Answer Call Forwarding Make sure the customer gets a hold of someone, by forwarding your calls when agents are busy.
Inbound call blending Blend inbound and outbound calls seamlessly to the agent, regulating outbound call volume based on inbound traffic.
Monitoring and Reporting Easily access both historic and live data with a few clicks.
Call monitoring Use call recordings, or listen to agent call live, to coach agents and guarantee that your quality standards are met.
Call recording Automatically record your calls, or record only bits of the conversation.
Live dashboard Customize your dashboard with a large set of pre-defined widgets and real-time stats.
Prebuilt reports Use our pre-built reports to easily get statistics about your contact lists, agents or channels.
Build custom reports Build your own reports by filtering by campaigns, offices, products, queues, etc.
Save and access favourite reports Easily save and access your favourite reports, without having to recreate all over again.
Safety and Compliance LeadDesk is compliant with EU & local regulations, out of the box.
Custom Permissions for teams and roles Configure dashboards or limit access based on team role or office or IP.
Automatic black-list & DNC-integration Make sure you never call a contact you’re not supposed to, by automatically integrating with DNC-registers or your own black-lists
Local data storage All our data is stored in the EU, according the EU requirements and safety standards.
Reliable hosting Our wide network of hosts, in several EU countries, ensure high uptime and security
Locally compliant Compliant with local regulations
SSL encryption The SSL encryption ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and intact.
Advanced API Use our API to make LeadDesk do what you want it to.

* Some features require LD basic or LD Pro license
** Some features may require purchase of IVR or Queue


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