IntraManager Board for LeadDesk

Motivate your employees by increasing the use of data in your contact center and keep track of key metrics with the integration between IntraManager Board and LeadDesk.

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Boost the visualization of your data with the integration between IntraManager Board and LeadDesk! With Board, you can easily set up cool dashboards that allow you to keep track of your contact center’s performance. When setting up your dashboards, you can effortlessly combine KPIs from different data sources, thereby displaying your performance and goals in real-time. This enables you to spot trends and act agile and proactively.

With Board, you can

  • Easily create highly customizable dashboards with our drag-and-drop interface.
  • Make work a breeze for your employees! In Board, you’ll find a range of built-in games that contribute to an increase in motivation and employee engagement.
  • Take your data visualization to new heights and provide your employees with a live insight into their key metrics with the cool leaderboards.
  • Centrally determine which boards, slideshows, and games that should be displayed on screens in your contact center.
  • Acknowledge your employees for their efforts with smart notifications.
  • Monitor your contact center’s performance and key metrics on the go with the IntraManager Board app.


Connect IntraManager Board and LeadDesk

In order to use the integration between IntraManager Board and LeadDesk, you have to activate the API and get the API key before contacting IntraManager for further assistance.