Bulk SMS

Leading contact centers are using LeadDesk to integrate SMS for confirmations, follow-ups, and surveys. This LeadApp enables admins to send mass text messages to call lists. Optional low-cost operator subscription.


So, you need to send a lot of text messages to your contacts? You are not alone! The Bulk SMS LeadApp is designed to make mass messaging easy, fast and cheap.

Bulk SMS can be deployed with your choice of operator. LeadDesk is a major reseller of operator services. We are able to pass on substantial savings on every message to our customers.

With Bulk SMS you can:

  • Send mass text messages to all contacts in a call list
  • Streamline your order fulfillment and customer service process
  • Warm up leads and deliver promotional offers prior to outbound calls
  • Create intelligent text message templates with dynamic fields
  • Save money on every SMS with an optional LeadDesk operator subscription

Please note: Mass text messaging regulations and opt-in guidelines vary from country to country. Make sure your workflow adheres to your local legislation. If in doubt, talk to our sales experts.