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Admins: Build advanced omnichannel routing for inbound calls, SMS, and e-mail from your admin panel easily. Create flows and manage queues with this modern tool for IVR and ACD that works not just for calls but text too!

With Flows you can greet, inform, call back and get interactive information from your customers to categorize them and their issues to direct them to correct queues or agents.

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Build a routing tree customized for your company!

Drag and drop applets building branches to direct calls and messages into different queues or agents. The routing tree advances by the rules you set with multiple fail-over options.

Greet your customers with music, your recorded audio, or write a text for our robot to turn into speech. You can inform customers for example about your opening hours, issues on service, or other available customer service channels. With the interactive menu tool, your customers can choose the service they want by pressing numbers on their phone when calling; choose languages, services, or giving other information. You can also use the caller’s phone number for routing, making it possible to direct high-value customers to a priority queue.

For messages, you can use a similar question reply model as traditional IVR. The routing can also be based on the message content of an SMS or an e-mail.

Read more about building your IVR here: https://leaddesk.com/ivr/
Information about ACD/ ACMD: https://leaddesk.com/ACMD