Phone Book LeadApp

Make it easier for you agents to transfer calls with the Phone Book LeadApp. Add contacts to the phone book, and let your agents automatically transfer calls with just a few clicks.

59€ /month

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Make it easier for your agents to transfer calls, with the Phone Book LeadApp.
The Phone Book is easy to use, and will save your agents time and eliminate mistakes, by automating the majority of the process.
Use your admin panel to add contacts into the phone book. You can also group the contacts, to make it easier for your agents to find the correct contact to transfer calls to.
All the agent needs to do, to transfer a call, is open the phone book and choose who to transfer the call to. The agent can also choose to put the current call on hold, while talking to the contact that the call is being transferred to.
The LeadApp also lets you forward calls to other agents. Choose between automatically forwarding the call to the next free agent, or specify who you want to forward it to, by choosing from a list of available agents.