QA Tool

QA Tool

Verify your Agents’ deals in a more efficient and structured way. Check how all orders and contact card information are filled out and listen and review call recordings with their voice receipts, all in one view. Go through orders easily either one by one with processed orders disappearing from the view or approve in bulk.

347€ /month

QA Tool–keep track of everything


Raise your quality assurance on outbound deals to the next level

When your agents go through a lot of deals, as an administrator, it can be very labour-intensive to check all of them separately and somehow mark that you did that. Also, there is a great chance of making human errors with that kind of process.

With this tool, you can go through all deals easily and more effectively in a structured way. On top of reducing manual labour, you can make sure all the deals get reviewed and you never waste your time doing double-work. Check that the order and contact card information are filled out correctly and listen and review call recordings with their associated voice receipts.

The tool comes with a dedicated interface inside the LeadDesk Admin panel, a tab that shows you deals and all their relevant data in one view. You can filter the orders you want to review and go through the orders one by one or approve them in bulk. Manage the deals’ order states, approving or rejecting them.

Reviewing one by one

  • See all the information of the order: Contact, campaign, call, and product info with order status and the recordings
  • Ability to add notes
  • The tool randomly selects an order to show from all orders, or within the filters you apply
  • The deals come visible in a logical order of “order states”
  • After approving or rejecting the order, it disappears from the QA list so you can be sure which ones are already reviewed
  • Good for also for spot-checking
  • Besides Admins, also Managers and Team leads can use this view

Reviewing in bulk

  • The Admins can confirm all the filtered orders at once
  • See contact, campaign, call and order status info
  • Approve the orders made by a trusted Agent
  • Confirm the rest of the Agents orders after a spot check
  • Filter and approve based on the order state


Basic filters for Admins, Team leads and Managers:

  • Sponsor
  • Campaign
  • Agent
  • Date range of your choosing

Additional filters for Admins:

  • Call ID (in one-by-one view)
  • Order state (in bulk view)

Other features:

  • Speed up playback to review your recordings audio faster
  • Enable order and voice receipt review as part of your SLA or compliance process

Once activated, the QA Tool appears under a new “QA” tab in the LeadDesk Admin user interface.

Users with Team Lead or Manager credentials will see only the one-by-one view. The Admins can also take this permission off individually on the user’s settings if needed.

Users with Admin credentials have a button “Manager view” on top of the recordings list, where they can access the bulk processing view.

Please note that while the “QA” tool appears on your Admin panel right after the activation, the order states need further setup. Your CSM will contact you shortly after the activation for this.

If your company needs to have different order states in the QA process, we can also customize a sequence for these, i.e. the tool will move the order from one order state to the next until you’ve cleared out the list.