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Updated to include browser-based Remote Listener. Access call listening, live whisper and join calls direct from the admin panel. Monitor, coach and close more.
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LeadDesk Remote Listener with Live Whisper is the call monitoring and two-way audio tool.
LeadDesk’s popular Remote Listener app is accessible from your admin panel. The browser-based Remote Listener makes it easy to listen, live whisper, and participate together with your agents on calls.

With LeadDesk Remote Listener, you can:

  • Watch your active agents and their call status
  • Listen in to a specific agent’s call
  • Activate two-way audio and give your agent direct prompts and advice
  • Improve your call effectiveness and agent performance
  • Instantly access to Live Whisper

LeadDesk Remote Listener is one window for listening and whispering. You get a fast overview of your agents’ call status. Clear visual indicators show you who and how you are monitoring. Our Remote Listener tool is quickly and easily set up. It works with any calling method and is an essential tool for sales teams and call centers who are at the top of their game.

Note:GSM-modem users should continue to use the application-based Remote Listener.


For the Remote Listener to work you need to be on the same IP as the agent you want to listen to. Additionally, the agents must have remote listening enabled (LeadDesk set-up). When these two conditions are met, the admins can see the agents that are available to listen to (who is on a call, who is not) when they log into the remote listener.

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Browser-based Remote Listener:
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Application-based Remote Listener:
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