Remote Listener

Access call listening, live whisper and join calls directly from the Admin panel. Essential tool for quality control, call monitoring and coaching.

231€ /month

Improve your customer service and help your agents perform better!

LeadDesk Remote Listener with Live Whisper is a call monitoring and two-way audio tool that is essential for all contact centers. Listen, whisper, and take part in calls together with your agents.

With LeadDesk Remote Listener, you can:

  • Watch your active agents and their call status
  • Listen in to a specific agent’s call
  • Activate two-way audio and give your agent direct prompts and advice
  • Improve your call effectiveness and agent performance
  • Instantly access to Live Whisper

The Remote Listener is quick and simple to set up, and you can access it easily from your Admin panel.
It works in a single window with clear visual indicators that show which Agent you are monitoring and how. You can monitor Agents using any calling method.