Live big screen games, leaderboards, goals and badges help the whole team work faster and close more deals. SalesScreen for LeadDesk gives you animations and visualizations, and integrates seamlessly into LeadDesk. SalesScreen makes sales fun

Activation instructions on the” Tutorial” section below

When you have agents competing and pushing each other to close more deals, it’s obviously a win-win situation. SalesScreen puts great looking sales competition visuals on your office TV screen for everyone to see. It fuels your team’s competitive spirit and gives you easy real-time access to their performance data.

With SalesScreen for LeadDesk, you can:

  • Make sales fun
  • Add your choice of sales completion, including points, rankings, tasks, goals, badges, games and more
  • See your agents’ and teams’ performance on your big screen, with great looking visuals
  • Display exciting event-based slides for milestones, sales events, winner announcements and similar

SalesScreen is used by companies like Tryg, Dell, Visma, If, Sparebank1, and more. Companies using SalesScreen highlight that it is great to be able to give direct, public feedback to agents. SalesScreen is also a huge upgrade on the traditional sales gong, and it is much easier to use and much more inspiring than a whiteboard!

What do you want to play today?
Some favorite games include bike racing, fishing and the Nordic special, building a log cabin, complete with a hot tub and satellite dish! All the SalesScreen games and data visualizations look great on big screens and are easy for the whole team to follow.

SalesScreen helps to make every moment count – with a mobile app, you can get additional data management and great reporting options. Everyone wants to be the first to get the 9AM “early closer” badge.

To activate the SalesScreen app, you must first activate the API and get the API key before contacting SalesScreen for further assistance.

  1. Activate the API app
  2. Find you API key (Admin > General Settings > API)
  3. Share the API key with SalesScreen