LeadDesk Mobile

LeadDesk Mobile

LeadDesk Mobile is the perfect solution for the mobile workforce!
Expand your inbound capabilities directly to mobile. With advanced routing options to mobile phones, you never need to worry about who’s at the office.

17€ /agent/month

Harness the know-how of your specialists in the field and connect your mobile workforce to LeadDesk. LeadDesk Mobile expands queues with mobile agents by directing inbound calls to mobile numbers over telephone networks, no mobile app needed.

Transfer calls to mobile

Don’t let any of your customer calls go unanswered. Transfer calls to mobile and let your employees serve the customers from anywhere.

Add mobile workers to your inbound call flows

Use LeadDesk’s powerful ACD to route the right calls to the right people in your organization – desk or mobile. The Mobile type for agent behaves in the same way as the other agent types (skills, rights, campaigns, queues…) and can be added to the same queues as them.

Classify mobile calls with call dispositions

Collect the valuable call data from mobile calls as well. After a call, the agent receives an SMS link to a mobile-friendly web page where the call ending reason can be set with comments.

Reports and recordings from mobile calls

Get insights from customizable dashboards, reports, and recordings, the same way as with the other agent types.

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