Conversational customer service chatbot

Chatbot for Omni

Customer service chatbot for LeadDesk Omni

Offer real-time 24/7 support to your customers and help your agents with the queues. Save time and resources with a conversational AI chatbot that’s fully integrated into the Omni user interface.

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Save time and resources with our easy-to-use AI chatbots. Add a LeadDesk customer service chatbot to your webchat channel to help your agents and serve your customers better, 24/7.

Serve all your customers

Our smart AI chatbots can solve up to 90% of customers’ questions automatically. This means you’re able to serve more customers while freeing the agents’ time to focus on customers with more complex issues and cutting the wait times. With this self-service tool, your customers can also get help when queues are full or closed. All this comes down to improved customer experience, as well as more meaningful tasks for agents.

100% Omni chatbot

The conversational chatbot relieves the inbound queues by helping your agents with the messages coming to the Omni’s webchat channel. The bot discusses with customers in the same webchat widget as the agents do, and the conversation comes visible in Omni view if the discussion is transferred to an agent. This process enables a smooth transfer from the chatbot to the live chat, and agents can take up naturally where the chatbot left off, on the best-suited channel.

Besides agents and channels, the chatbot works seamlessly with customer service flows and queues. Add a chatbot anywhere on your inbound flows to route messages from queues to the bot and back, e.g., when the queues are closed or overflowing, you can use the chatbot to validate and route customers to specific queues.

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Real-time support via messaging
  • Multiplying productivity by saving Agents’ time
  • Easy deployment
  • Clever AI with no technical experience needed
  • An easy-to-use platform to manage and train your chatbots

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