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Webchat -channel for LeadDesk Omni

Omni’s webchat is the easiest way to add chat capability to your website, with no need for 3rd party integrations. Handle all webchat messages directly in the Omni view alongside all the other channels. You can also add a LeadDesk AI chatbot to the webchat in addition to your live agents.

Included in the Omni default package

Help your customers proactively and offer them real-time support by adding a webchat to your website.

LeadDesk’s webchat is fully integrated with Omni, so there is no need for 3rd party apps or integrations. It’s easy to implement and use, as the webchat is used from the same agent view as all the other channels. All you need is a website for the widget to be placed on, LeadDesk Omni and some agents!

You can also deploy a LeadDesk’s AI chatbot to your webchat channel to help your agents and serve your customers better, 24/7. Our smart and easy-to-use AI chatbots can solve up to 90% of customer inquiries automatically, saving your agents’ time up to 330 hours each month, and eliminating up to 65% of customer wait time in live chat. Chatbots handling the easiest questions and issues lets the agents focus on resolving more challenging ones and improving customer experience.

The webchat widget for your website is customisable and responsive, and it comes with a high-contrast option for a more accessible web. You can make it fit nicely to your brand and website by personalising its appearance, e.g. shape, colours, logo, fonts and buttons.​

  • No need for 3rd party webchat
  • Agents can handle conversations in the Omni view​
  • Agents can seamlessly change from webchat to other channels – and back ​
  • Easy to implement and use​
  • Customisable and responsive widget​
  • live chat and chatbot supported

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Please contact your Account Manager for the setup after sending the activation request.