Scoreboard gamification at work


Choose your own custom leaderboard and live stats designed for the office big screen with the Scoreboard gamification app.

231€ /month

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LeadDesk Scoreboard uses similar widgets to your admin/team leader dashboard page. Admins can log in to display workforce-wide data. The team leader access level can be used to display office-specific and campaign-specific data sets.

With LeadDesk Scoreboard you can:

  • Watch performance data visualizations on a big screen, including charts, graphs, and fun animations
  • Increase agent excitement and competition
  • Gamify your campaigns
  • Customize your big screen graphics via a variety of widgets

Scoreboard comes with the following pre-loaded widgets:

  • Top 5 sellers today
  • Total deals today
  • Agent sales today
  • Contact list reach %
  • Agents online
  • Agent intensity today (calling time to work time ratio)

Many more add-on widgets are available to track productivity, commissions, deals, sales, and calls. Request activation to discuss the widget world with your LeadDesk contact.

In the need of a more extensive and customizable gamification add-on? Check out our Superstars add-on!

LeadDesk Scoreboard is designed to be an autonomous service that requires no maintaining and no-hassle once deployed. Scoreboard is automatically updated with the latest version of the LeadDesk software to keep the widgets rolling. If you add extra or custom widgets it is easy to select your active widgets from the on-screen drop-down menu.