Script Tool

Dynamic, intelligent call scripts drive increased conversion rates for simple sales – and help close complex sales in tough market conditions. Customize, A/B and hone your scripts. Call smarter.

231€ /month

Approaching someone professionally and meaningfully, with a sensible proposition, is a skill that can be taught. You just need the right tools to help your agents while they are calling.

With the LeadDesk Script Tool you can:

  • Create call scripts for agents to follow during their calls
  • Configure complex interactive scripts via a GUI (graphical user interface) – or just write out the content in words
  • Guide your agents through the sales process to increase their productivity
  • Help agents to warm up cold leads, handle rejection, up-sell, cross-sell, and close more

You can use Script Tool to make very simple scripts that act as basic reminders for agents. Or unleash the full power of Script Tool and create detailed dynamic and interactive scripts to guide your agents through more complex sales. You also have the option to configure scripts to capture data. The data can be extracted in reports for further analysis.

Agents see the scripts automatically when a call is connected. A script can include multiple pages and each page transition can include navigation conditions. These more complex If-Then-Else options are popular for contact centers during agent induction and training. For contact centers handling finance and healthcare campaigns, a script is a vital compliance tool – ensuring agents accurately communicate compulsory information.

You will find the “Manuscript Tool” tab in the submenu of “Products” in your admin interface. Click on the button “Create new manuscript” to get started. The Script Tool uses an intuitive editor that makes it easy to configure longer scripts. There are drop down menus to create various fields such as static text, data entry, free text, multiple choice, dropdown selectors and others.