The Way To Bill Your Telesales

Accept payments directly from Leaddesk. Activate the payment plugin.

Please contact Waytobill for activation


Waytobill is the telesales checkout used by the telemarketing industry in Europe. Waytobill’s checkout is designed for telesales and unleashes the greater potential in your business:
● Merchants get better sales results.
● Telemarketers add value to their service.
● Both get happier customers.

Get started now! The plugin is easy to activate. With Waytobill you can now accept point-of-sales payments directly from Leaddesk.

Supported features
● Payment option card (debit and credit). More payment options coming soon.
● Subscriptions and one-time purchase.
● Merchant specific contract. When a customer accepts payment they also accept merchant terms. Perfect for subscriptions agreements.
● Your branding. Your logo, support details and texts creates a seamless purchase experience.
● Multi language and currencies.
● Parallel campaigns.

How it works
1. In the Leaddesk customer card, you add agreed products or subscription plans. When choosing the call ending option “Deal” a SMS or an email with a payment link will be sent to the customer.
2. The customer opens the telesales checkout through the link and finishes the purchase. A confirmation mail with the receipt is sent to the customer.
3. Use your dialer to follow up payment status. When the customer has finished the purchase the order status will change from “Pending” to “Confirmed”.

Price list
Transaction based pricing. Special offer during the beta period. Contact Waytobill for your price plan.

How to get started:

  1. Start by clicking this link and fill in the form.
  2. You will be contacted by Waytobill representative to set up details.
  3. Waytobill and Leaddesk will help you configure the payment plugin and then you are ready to go. You will be up and running within a few days.

Additional information