Branded Numbers by LeadDesk

200€/month/brand + 0,01€ /outbound call*

Brand your outbound calls to raise the answer rate!

94% of unknown calls are never picked up, mainly due to the fear of being scammed. Separate your business from fraud to reach more of your customers.

Verify your company’s identity, raise brand awareness, protect, and manage your caller reputation.


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Brand your outbound calls and reach the customers who are afraid to answer unknown numbers.
Answer rate increases 47% on average when the call is identified.

Verify identity and raise brand awareness

  • Show your company’s identity; name, location, logo, and other information, e.g., a reason to call
  • Get your customers to answer on a first attempt to lower your cost of customer acquisition and convert leads more effectively

Protect your reputation

    • Track your caller reputation and improve ratings
    • Stop inaccurate spam and fraud labeling
    • Prevent scammers pretending to be you
    • Minimize blocked calls and numbers

Please note you can only brand existing phone numbers. Get more phone numbers via the Buy Phone Numbers app.

* + Setup fee 200 € (including number verification and call branding, the client provides brand assets and material)