Buy Phone Numbers

Purchase new numbers directly online.

9€ /number/month

The days when you needed to send a request to order numbers or fill out a mandate form are over.
In a few easy steps, you can now purchase new phone numbers online and they will be ready for you to use instantly*.
Through this LeadApp, you can easily add phone numbers to be used anywhere in LeadDesk.

When you are logged in on LeadDesk:

  • Start by clicking on “Buy phone numbers”
  • Choose the country from which you’re looking to buy a number
  • Choose the required capabilities of the number
    • Inbound capable
    • Outbound capable
    • Outbound and inbound capable
  • Click on “Search”

Purchase numbers
All numbers shown are capable of outbound spoofing.
The column SLA is relevant if you have agreed on a SLA contract with your LeadDesk account manager. Only numbers marked with this capability will be eligible for this service.
You finish the purchase by clicking on the green purchase button on the underneath the phone numbers.
A layover window will ask you for your admin credentials. Type in your username and password and you are almost done.
Click on “Submit”. After that, a confirmation email will be waiting for you in your inbox.
*In case you are not able to choose any phone numbers: Please contact our support team, they will lead you through the process.
Due to the respective laws, certain phone numbers from countries can only be purchased with a verification of your location.