IVR recordings by Voice Crafters

Custom-recorded IVR prompts or phone messages recorded by a professional voice actor of your choice.

When clients’ call, you want to ensure your company’s image is professional and helpful.

Have a professionally recorded message to guide your customers to the right place, or provide them with appropriate information during off-hours.

195€ /recording

Every time a customer gets in touch with your company, you have every confidence that your staff will convey the professionalism they were trained for;

but what about when they’re not there?

And also…are your automated messages putting your company in its best light ?

IVR (Integrated Voice Response) is great for handling high call volumes, but it’s more than just a way to route your customer’s calls to the right person or to automate customer support.
It’s also an opportunity to make the right brand impression.

LeadDesk has partnered with Voice Crafters – a professional multilingual voice over agency, to offer our customers a studio-quality recorded messaging service.
Have your script recorded by a professional voice actor of your choice and delivered to you within 24-48 hours.*

Price includes:

  • Professional voice actor recording your script of (up to 300 words).
  • Audio processing and mastering.
  • Cutting into individual audio files as per customer’s specification.
  • Delivery in any of the standard audio formats.**

* typical turnaround time. Subject to talent availability.
** By default, audio files will be sent in WAV (16 bits/44.1 kHz, mono) and/or mp3 formats (320 kbps). If specific audio requirements are needed for your particular IVR system, simply specify them in the order form.

Visit Voice Crafters’ website for more information.

List of voice actors, by language

   Finnish Voice Actors
   Swedish Voice Actors
   Norwegian Voice Actors
   Danish Voice Actors
   German Voice Actors
MiriamBenteMeinaLinda H.
   Dutch Voice Actors
  English (US) Voice Actors
CharlotteScott RBobScott F
Derek SBert
  English (UK) Voice Actors