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If you need to transfer calls to a range of different users, numbers, and divisions, then the Switchboard LeadApp is for you. With the advanced phonebook management, you can both import and export your phonebooks as well as freely assign those phonebooks to different campaigns.

110€ /month/phonebook

We designed the Switchboard LeadApp for users who regularly need to transfer calls to a range of different stakeholders. You’ll be able to import and export your phonebooks as excel files, making it easier to manage your contacts. With the Switchboard you’ll also be able to add dynamic contacts fields, letting you store any information needed. By enabling your agents to edit the information in the phonebooks, you’ll ensure that the contact information stays up to date.

You’ll also be able to assign single, or multiple, phonebooks to different campaigns, ensuring your agents can easily find the contacts they need to transfer the calls to. Agents can also use the free text search to find the right contact quickly. You can also enable Microsoft users to see Microsoft Teams status in the phonebook.

By adding substitutes to your contacts, you’ll be able to eliminate unnecessary transfers to agents that are absent or on holiday.

Please note: The Switchboard LeadApp only works on the desktop version of LeadDesk.