Scrive E-Sign

Switch on Scrive to bring e-signing into your LeadDesk agent workflow. Close insurance and pension deals instantly with no paperwork and no lost deals. Fully compliant with EU and local legislation.

In financial services sales e-signing is becoming a mandatory tool. E-signing enables you to meet regulatory compliance needs, eliminate deals previously lost in the post, and shorten closing times. The Scrive E-sign for LeadDesk LeadApp brings e-signing into your agents’ LeadDesk workflow, enabling them to rapidly complete the transaction while still on the call.

With Scrive E-Sign for LeadDesk you can:

  • Add easy-to-use electronic signatures to your agent workflow within LeadDesk
  • Close more complex finance sector deals – and close them faster
  • Meet regulatory compliance laws e.g. European Council directives (CWA 14167-1,2, and CWA 14169)
  • Meet tough local compliance laws in e.g. Norway, Sweden Germany etc. that require authenticated digital signatures and the highest quality digital evidence

About Scrive
Scrive is the leading solution for document e-signing in the Nordic region where tough legislation requires rock solid, compliant and easy-to-use electronic signing. Scrive can enable your customers to sign documents on any device and on any system. Agents can monitor customer progress and finalize transactions while the customer is still on the phone. After signing is complete the document is e-archived automatically. Scrive customers include global corporations, such as 3, Telenor, CGI and Choice Hotels.

Scrive’s elegant electronic signature solution is ideal for contact centers dealing with financial services sales, such as pensions, where a voice receipt is not enough. In countries such as Norway, where previously a hard copy postal signature was required to close a deal, more than 50% of financial services deals are lost during the document-posting phase. Scrive E-Sign for LeadDesk eliminates these lost deals – and lost revenue – from your campaigns