Getting started with the Original API

LeadDesk Web API enables clients to manage their own LeadDesk data with simple HTTP/HTTPS requests.

Common parameters

All parameters can usually be sent in either POST or GET style. Some commands require that the command specific data is to be send in JSON format in the HTTP request body. In that case the common parameters needs to be sent as GET parameters. These are the common parameters which are required for each request (GET or POST):

Identification code provided by the LeadDesk customer support. 32 characters long constant string.
Name of the module that should handle the request.
Command that the module should execute.

Basic example (which does not work because authentication value is not correct) Used character set is generally UTF-8 unless stated otherwise for each command.

Error handling

If an error occurs during the processing of the command then HTTP response with status 400 or 500 is returned. Error response also includes a short logical text describing the error. Below is a list of common errors that might occur with any request. It is possible for the error message to have additional information after the error code. In that case the format is as follows “[ERROR_TEXT]:[additional info]” for example  “ERR_NOT_FOUND:agent”. HTTP Status codes

HTTP Status Description
200 Operation was completed OK
400 Operation failed because something in the request was wrong. Fix the request and try again.
500 Some internal error occured. Report this to LeadDesk support and/or try again later.

Common errors:

Error Description
ERR_UNDEFINED Undefined error.
ERR_ARGUMENT_MISSING Mandatory argument was not included in the request.
ERR_ARGUMENT_INVALID Submitted argument is not valid. Integer parameters need to be integers. e.g. ‘A’ is not a valid integer.
ERR_AUTHENTICATION Authentication failed. Check the auth parameter.
ERR_INVALID_MODULE Invalid module requested. Check the name of the module.
ERR_INVALID_COMMAND Invalid module command. Check the name of the command.
ERR_DB Some generic error with DB. Please contact customer support!
ERR_DISABLED Service is disabled temporarily. Contact customer support for more information!
ERR_NOT_FOUND Something that was requested could not be found. Usually includes additional information describing what was not found.
ERR_FILE_TOO_LARGE When uploading a file by POST file and the file size exceeds the limit.
ERR_NOT_SUPPORTED Feature, command, parameter etc. is not supported
ERR_ARGUMENT_EMPTY Mandatory string argument is empty.
ERR_ARGUMENT_LENGTH Length of mandatory string argument does not meet minimum or maximum length requirements.

LeadDesk language constants

Language ID for supported general languages. If you want to use client specific language please contact customer support. Common languages:

Name ID
Czech 12
Danish 17
English 1
English (British) 16
Estonian 3
Finnish 4
German 7
Hungarian 8
Norwegian 14
Polish 11
Romanian 9
Russian 15
Slovak 13
Spanish 10
Swedish 5