The LeadDesk Markup Language

LeadML can be used to define process flows for incomming calls, extending the LeadDesk Flow-tool.

With the flow tool you can forward any incoming call to your own LeadML URL, which can then process the call onward: play a message, prompt the caller any any number of different actions.

For example this example will play a message to the caller:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Say>Starting in</Say>
<Pause length="1"/>
<Pause length="1"/>
<Pause length="1"/>
<Pause length="1"/>

LeadML also provides a Twilio TwiML(r) compatible interface for the most used features on TwiML. This is provided by a TwiML compatible subset of XML schema.

The following commands are compatible with the TwiML specification:
Say – To generate text-to-speech to caller
Play – To play an audio file from a given URL to the caller
Number – To forward the call to an agent, LeadDesk Queue or a PSTN number
Gather – To collect a digits from the caller
Hangup – To hangup the call
Redirect – To redirect the caller to a different LeadML document
Pause – To pause the call for a given time
Reject – To terminate a call without answering it

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