LeadDesk REST API PHP Examples

This project contains PHP 7.x source code examples for using the LeadDesk REST API. All the examples should be runnable from the command line if you first edit your own API and user credentials into them. See each source code file for more detailed instructions on how to configure them properly.

Initial configuration

First, you need to download some dependencies. If you don’t have composer installed, then please follow instructions from here: https://getcomposer.org/download/.

After you have composer installed then go ahead and install all the dependencies by running this from the project root folder:

composer install


All the code samples require you to add your own API credentials and other configuration. Don’t try to run them before you have modified them accordingly.


Password Grant

php src/password-grant.php


LeadDesk Client Id Grant

php src/leaddesk-client-id-grant.php


LeadDesk Client User Grant

php src/client-user-grant.php


Refresh Grant

php src/refresh-grant.php


Using Resources After Authentication

Create, Modify and Delete an Activity

php src/create-modify-delete-activity.php


Download repository or view example on LeadDesk Bitbucket