Motivate your agents through gamification and competition

Get the best out of your sales agents by visualizing performance and targets engagedly. Let your team focus on the metrics that matter the most. Build live leaderboards, competitions, and more to show on TV screens with just a few clicks.

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It has never been easier to motivate your sales force than with the Superstars gamification app.

Drive sales with visuals

Productivity of your team rises as agents can see live visual data of their performance and the targets you set for them.

Coach with targets

Set targets that motivate your agents in the best way possible. No more underachieving or discouraging with Superstars' individually customizable targets.

Boost trough competing

Playful competition between agents and teams gives an extra boost for reaching the goals and is a great tool for team bonding.

Access on every device

Superstars app coaches your agents whether they are in the office or on the go. Superstars is available on TV screens, computers and mobile.

LeadDesk Superstars

Show your team's success on repeat with Superstar's TV Screens.


Keeping Agents on track

It is highly motivating for agents to see their performance in real-time and compared to others. They can track that on any device at all times. What takes it to the next level is adding the social aspect: the whole team following the competition on the wall with the looping slideshow of Leaderboard TV Screens.

Focusing on the essentials is easy with simple visualization of the most relevant metrics for your team. Choose slide by slide the most important KPIs and targets to show the live progress of your agents or teams. Add different leaderboards showing top-ranking performers or teams, either as lists or charts. Competition slides with pictures literally help agents to keep their eyes on the prize. Visual spreadsheets give deeper insights, whereas goal-slides and TV animations bring energy and a playful atmosphere.

Relevant reports

Superstars’ reports bring all the key numbers as figures, charts, and spreadsheets, but not only for admins. Agents have also access to advanced reports, including Excel-exportable spreadsheets and visualized data enabling agents to see their and their teams’ work in a more interesting way. This brings an additional benefit: having exportable reports simply showing agent performance, agents don’t necessarily need to access reports in LeadDesk containing sensitive information e.g., customer data.

Easy on the Admin

One of the Superstars’ best features is the targets. Targets dashboard shows in graphics and numbers how your team is meeting the targets on all the KPIs you want to set. Setting the targets is simple and you can modify them in seconds. You can set individual targets for each KPI, agent, team, and project. For example, lower targets for your new agents.

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